Bitcoin Core Dev Saves Bitcoin Cash From Deadly Bug

Reading Time: 2 minutes

There is a strong rivalry between Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), with the arguments between the two parties usually ending in a stalemate. However, in an interesting turn of events, a BTC core developer by the name of Cory Fields has saved BCH from a potentially fatal bug. When BCH was created in a hard fork from the original BTC chain it decided to implement SegWit, a protocol that increases the block size in the blockchain by removing signature data. Unfortunately, some of the BCH developers made a bit of mess of the situation and left a critical bug in the system. If the bug was left undiscovered, it could have potentially brought Bitcoin Cash to its knees.

Generosity from Bitcoin Core Devs

The man who discovered the bug in the BCH code is a devoted BTC core developer, meaning he stuck with it during the hard fork that created BCH. He decided to report the bug after noticing it, as it is what he would have liked a BCH developer to have done if they discovered one in the Bitcoin core code. BCH developers regularly make it a point to ridicule BTC for its lack of clarity and number of coding issues – so Fields’ decision could be considered something of a goodwill gesture.

Chain Splitting Bug

The bug that was discovered had the ability to split the BCH chain into two, if it was given the correct commands through a transaction block added to the chain. This would have then left the two halves of the chain unable to ever agree on history again and it would then create two versions of BCH. Half of the developers and miners would have one version of the code and history, while the other half would have a new version of the blockchain. This could have fractured BCH beyond repair.

Setting an Example

Cory Field – the developer who found the bug – said that he hopes to set an example and show that the two communities can join together for the common good – despite their turbulent history. He had no obligation to disclose the bug and could have just let it be triggered randomly, but like a try crypto hero, Field decided to be the bigger man and help the other team out.
Bug hunting is slowly becoming a popular source of income for many freelance developers, with some even making a career out of it. The BCH team have managed to fix the problem and have thanked Corey Fields for disclosing the bug. Many in the crypto world are lauding him as a true hero and champion of the crypto world. However, he simply sees it as just doing the right thing – so he should certainly be praised by conducting himself in such a fashion.
The lesson from this situation is clear, as long as devs work together, they can secure the various blockchains and create a safer and better crypto world for us all.