Bitcoiners Lose Their Minds Over’s New Look

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Bitcoiners aren’t really known for their love of branding and attention to detail – especially as Bitcoin doesn’t have a website of its own. This week saw launch its new look website complete with mint green branding all over the place. However, rather than having something nice to say about the new website, Bitcoiners just pissed all over the Bitcoin Cash parade by calling the website a scam… not cool.

Back to Calling BCH a Scam

Roger Ver and co got their hands on the domain long before Bitcoin Cash existed, so it’s unclear as to why so many Bitcoiners even have an issue with the website – perhaps they want one of their own, who knows. While Ver and the Bitcoin Cash team do refer to BCH as simply “Bitcoin” everywhere on the website – probably to rank better for Bitcoin on major search engines – it’s not a crime. There is no need to throw your toys out of the pram and call Bitcoin Cash a scam because you are jealous of their website.

Bitcoin Became Mint Green?

The thought-provoking post over on Reddit was titled “Ready to scam people with new design!” Now, if you honestly read through the website and walk away thinking you’re buying Bitcoin not Bitcoin Cash then there is something seriously wrong with you – perhaps crypto isn’t for you. The mint green branding is everywhere – even the Bitcoin Cash logo is now mint green – since when is Bitcoin mint green? Even if you know nothing about Bitcoin, you know it’s not going to be mint green, it’s simple common sense.

Bitcoin Cash is Better… For Now

Okay, that statement will likely draw a lot of fire, but technically it’s true. Bitcoin Cash was born from a fork of the Bitcoin core code and it has gone on to be governed by its own team of developers who have their own ideologies. For the large part, most Bitcoin additions make it into Bitcoin Cash and vice versa. Until recently, Bitcoin had been ahead – technically speaking – but the recent Bitcoin Cash hard fork added in new features that made Bitcoin Cash exactly what Bitcoin wants to be. The bi-annual hard fork added SegWit recovery for crypto sent to a non-legacy address, as well as the highly anticipated Schorr Signatures. Like it or not, these features do make transacting in Bitcoin Cash more appealing in the short-term.

At the end of the day, it’s just a website. If Bitcoiners are so upset about the rather sleek and sexy looking, they could easily go out there and make their own for Bitcoin core. The new Bitcoin Cash website is jam-packed full of useful information and will help anyone looking to get into Bitcoin Cash get the tips and advice they need – much more helpful than the non-existent Bitcoin core website…