Iran Contemplating 560-Meter Water Park Cross Bitcoin Mining Farm

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US sanctions on Iran has hampered the country’s economy and forced people to turn to Bitcoin to import goods from outside the country. Any company or country caught dealing with Iran will also feel the full force of US sanctions, meaning Iran is very much on its own. In a bid to keep its economy going, architects in Tehran have come up with a 560-meter water park that will double up as a Bitcoin mining farm – how cool is that!

A Rather Novel Idea

Iran don’t want to let the world know they will be heavily mining Bitcoin, so the new 560-meter tower would look like a gigantic water park from the outside. However, underneath all of those plastic slides, rides and flumes will be a lot of crypto mining hardware. The water from the water park will be used to help cool the crypto mining rigs, maintain the perfect operating temperature for the devices. On the outside, the water park come crypto mining tower does look epic, but falling off one of those slides 560 meters up in the air won’t be too fun.

Iran Going All Out Crypto

As part of the US sanctions, LocalBitcoins was forced to shut its doors in the country – cutting off the nation’s access to Bitcoin. Since then, Iran has moved to recognize Bitcoin as an accepted currency in the nation and is encouraging tourism using the cryptocurrency. If that wasn’t enough, Iran is also hard at work developing its own cryptocurrency. There is a good chance it will either be oil or gold backed – two commodities of which Iran has plentiful stores. The new crypto mining tower cross water park would only help Iran stockpile Bitcoin and continue to circumvent US sanctions.

Not a Winning Design

The giant project was dubbed the JCPOA Tower Crypto-Park and was designed by Ilia Attarpour, Dadbeh Mohebbi Gilani, and Ramtin Taherian for the 2019 eVolo Skyscraper Competition. While the idea is incredible and the computer-generated models make you want to climb to the top and ride the biggest slide to the bottom, it didn’t win the competition. The winning skyscraper was from Serbian architect Marko Dragicevic. His Methanescraper would take all of Belgrade’s trash and put it into a giant skyscraper. Inside the skyscraper it would be turned into methane which would then be used to power the city.

We don’t know if we will ever see Iran build the JCPOA Tower Crypto-Park – especially given its current economical state – but if it does we will be the first in line to ride down the slides. This epic design will bring out the inner child in anyone – even the lawmakers who imposed the sanctions. As for not so secretly mining Bitcoin, the water from the slides can easily be used to cool the crypto mining rigs and drive mini turbines to generate power.