INDX Set to Launch Masternode Passive Income

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Masternodes are quickly becoming the hottest crypto tools in town, as more people set up virtual machines to run masternodes and earn cash while they sleep. Blockchain technology relies on masternodes to verify transactions and ensure that the blockchain network carries on running smoothly. INDX Capital has put together a portfolio of profitable and promising masternodes where you can invest your money and receive monthly returns without the hassle of running your own masternode.

Removing the Masternode Hassle

Masternodes are notoriously difficult to set up and some can be a nightmare to configure properly. In a bid to get more masternodes up and running – making networks more decentralized – INDX is allowing users to buy the INDX token that will be used to activate and fully stake more masternodes. Getting masternode profits with INDX is as simple as buying into any STO project, removing entry barriers to the industry.

Auto Rebalancing

INDX’s proprietary system will automatically scan the masternode universe to reallocate your INDX token portfolio to give you the best returns possible, meaning you will benefit in an even greater way from the masternode world. The STO launches in 35 days and investors will get a 50% bonus for a limited time. Unfortunately, it’s for qualified investors only with a minimum investment of $25,000. With INDX tokens going at $0.30 a piece in BTC, ETH, and fiat currencies, the minimum investment will give you a huge exposure to masternodes.

STOs Becoming More Popular

The ICO heyday is long gone, so STOs are the new fund raising method of choice for projects. Germany is about to get its very first STO through BitBond and regulators have given it the green light for launch. INDX is looking to raise a cool $14,940,000 from the STO, as it dishes out 83% of its max circulation of 60,000,000 in this funding round. Remaining tokens will be given out to early investors, team, founders, and as investor bonuses. It’s not the biggest STO around, but at just shy of $15 million INDX is about to raise a huge amount of capital for a brilliant project.

Masternodes are the hottest aspect of crypto investing and smart crypto investors are getting as many masternodes as possible. INDX is giving investors a stress-free and hassle-free way to get into the world of masternodes and it’s not an opportunity to be sniffed at! Stay tuned to BitStarz News for an exclusive interview with a key person from INDX!