Base Publicizes Smart Contract Code

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Layer-2 network Base has opened its smart contract code to the public in a bid to build “in the open”
  • The Coinbase-funded network said the move will help increase transparency and accountability
  • Base revealed it’s comfortable with developers copying the code to create similar products or experiment with functions

Coinbase’s Ethereum scaling layer Base has disclosed that it has opened its code to the public to increase transparency and build “in the open.” The protocol said that it’s comfortable with developers copying the code to create similar projects and experimenting with functions already baked into the platform such as withdrawals and deposits. Base is also opening other aspects of its operations such as its website to the public, an indication that it’s committed to keeping up with the ethos of the crypto world.

$1 Million for Vulnerabilities

In a blog post, Base said open-sourcing its code “also serves as a catalyst for collaboration” since it enables access, building upon and refining the code. The network added that security-minded persons can win up to $1 million by scrutinizing the code for any vulnerabilities.

Base believes the move is a key element in its push to create “an on-chain ecosystem” since it paves the way for critical community feedback.

The decision to open-source the protocol comes as the network continues to make notable strides in the space in its attempts to become the leading Ethereum scaling layer. For example, its daily transactions recently surpassed those of Ethereum, a phenomenon that was traced to the hype around

700,000 NFTs in Less a Month

The protocol’s recent event dubbed ‘on-chain summer’ attracted top conventional brands like Coca-Cola and saw over 700,000 NFTs launched on the platform in less than a month.

With Base opening its smart contracts, scripts and web elements to the public, it’ll assist in building a loyal community and may help arrest vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.