Are you Ready to Bag a Bugatti or Bentley with Bitcoin?

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We all love a slice of the good life, now thanks to Bitcoin the lifestyles of the rich and famous have been brought closer than ever. If you have your eyes on a brand new Bugatti or Bentley, or fancy feeling like a rockstar in a flashy Rolls Royce, remember the name Post Oak Motor Cars. The leading US luxury car dealer now accepts Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as a payment method. That’s right, if you have enough crypto lying around, you can now use it splash the cash to buy a swanky new supercar.

Post Oak Motor Cars Sets the Bar

Post Oak Motor Cars is owned and operated by Tilman Fertitta, a noted American businessman. In an effort to extend the consumer base of his business, cryptocurrency is on the menu. The company is able to offer integrated crypto payments thanks to newly New York licensed payment provider BitPay, as the new partnership has allowed Post Oak Motor Cars to join the growing wave of crypto-friendly car retailers. Making this crypto payment news a seriously big deal, the Texas company has announced that it will allow payments from customers around the world.

Fertitta is Fully on Board

Fertitta believes that Post Oak Motor Cars delivers the “very best buying experience” of any car retailer. Now that it accepts crypto, it’s tougher than ever to argue against these claims. He also believes that accepting cryptocurrency represents a step forward in technology for the company, as it makes payments “faster and easier,” with it possible to process sales from “anyone around the world.” When luxury vehicles and high price points are part of a sale, a seamless purchase is important, with Post Oak Motor Cars going the extra mile to make that a reality.
Post Oak Motor Cars accepting Bitcoin is certainly great news, but this actually represents something of a U-turn for Fertitta. Just last year, the famous billionaire told reporters that Bitcoin was something that most were “never going to buy,” citing that “it’s not insured by the FDIC” as the reason.

Ford Feels the Crypto Force

It isn’t just Post Oak Motor Cars that are jumping into the crypto market with car sales, we’ve already looked at Japanese brand L’Operaio who have done something similar. Ford has also signaled its intentions to make crypto part of its business structure, as it’s filed for a patent for a new crypto-focused system for vehicle-to-vehicle communication. This is on top of Daimler AG – the company behind Smart and Mercedes-Benz – creating MobiCoin, a new coin that rewards consumers for driving in an eco-friendly fashion.

Splash the Digital Cash

The car market appears to be shining the spotlight on the crypto sphere, with it presenting some pretty exciting projects as a result. While there could be a slight wait for some of these projects to mature, in the meantime retailers like Post Oak Motor Cars are linking crypto cash spenders to the finest supercars around.