4 Crypto Podcasts Worth a Listen

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Podcasts are a great way to keep up to date with your hobbies and passions while on the go. Whether you’re walking the dog, hitting the gym, or during your daily work commute it’s easy to just plug in and listen to the discussion. There are suddenly a whole host of cryptocurrency podcasts out there, but we’ve picked out four very different ones that should help keep your ears busy and keep crypto in your life.


A great podcast for beginners, or those wanting refreshers on some of the basics, CRYPTO 101 contains descriptors, discussions, and interviews regarding the fundamental aspects of cryptocurrency and blockchain. Current events are also covered, often from the beginners’ point of view. The host, Matthew Aaron, is knowledgeable and interacts well with guests, which often include listeners telling their tales for others to learn from.

What Bitcoin Did

Peter McCormack hosts this great podcast that covers cryptocurrency and associated fields, as well as Bitcoin specifics. Every week What Bitcoin Did features an interview, often with someone you wouldn’t expect to hear from, such as two eye-opening interviews with Ross Ulbricht’s mother. An avid miner, McCormack’s interviews can get quite technical depending on the subject matter, but he is a good interviewer who has built a solid reputation in the industry.


Fronted by Laura Shin, Forbes’ crypto and blockchain technology senior editor, Unchained deals with the nitty-gritty of blockchain. You won’t find any discussion of moon coins or lambos here – this is tech-heavy blockchain stuff featuring interviewees who know what they’re talking about, with CEOs of top blockchain projects regularly appearing. A great podcast for those who are in this for the tech (aren’t we all?).

Crypto Street Podcast

Hosted by Killer Whale, Prince, and Crypto Dale, this light-hearted (as light-hearted as you can get in a bear market) contains news and interviews with the great and good of crypto Twitter. The Crypto Street guys have a great organic bond which comes over on the podcasts and their interviews are as insightful and interesting as they are fun to listen to. Plus, it’s funny to hear the voice behind the avatars.

Available From All Good Podcast Services

All these podcasts are available from iTunes, Stitcher, and other podcast distribution mediums. All smartphone operator’s app stores will have plenty of podcast platforms to choose from, so once you’ve chosen your platform just subscribe to the podcasts above and away you go. Happy listening!