DeepBrainChain Project Slated via Hacked Medium Account

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  • Disgruntled investor hacked into DeepBrainChain’s Medium account and publicly slated the project
  • DeepBrainChain finally took back control, but investors agreed with the negative comments made by the poster
  • DBC token has been losing value for over two years

The Medium account of cryptocurrency project DeepBrainChain has been hacked by a disgruntled investor after defamatory posts were made regarding the performance of the project and the team. However, it seems that other token holders were just as annoyed as they agreed with the sentiments from the hacker, pouring scorn on the team’s replies to the posts.

“We’ve Stolen Your Money”

The first sign of something being untoward was a post that appeared on the Medium page on Saturday entitled “We’ve stolen your money”:

Screenshot 2020-05-10 at 13.29.51

The post referred to DeepBrainChain’s intended use of Artificial Intelligence Miners (AIMs), the implementation of which has been heavily delayed and caused concern among token holders. The post resulted in a flurry of concern within token holder circles, causing the DeepBrainChain team to announce the following day that the account had been hacked:

The fraudulent poster then took to Medium once more, this time under the guise of a genuine post, starting with an apology for the “confusion and concern” caused by the first one. However, before long the second post had turned to more slating of the project, criticizing the lack of mining machines and the wasted money.

Investors Side With Hacker

A third post appeared shortly afterwards which pulled no punches and summarized the discontent within the community:

Screenshot 2020-05-11 at 08.07.18


DeepBrainChain finally managed to lock the accounts down, posting a response to the claims by the author:

DeepBrainChain has been in trouble for some time, with CEO Feng He admitting in January this year that “shortcomings in management” had led to emergency loans being required to keep the project afloat. Things don’t seem to have improved in that time, with the response from the community to the fake posts telling the story:

Screenshot 2020-05-10 at 14.05.07

Screenshot 2020-05-10 at 14.06.46

When posts from a fraudulent account are getting more love than the official account, you know your project is in a bad place.