1,016 Croatian Post Offices to Provide Crypto Exchange Services

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Getting your hands on crypto and swapping crypto for cash can be a tricky task, especially if you’re on holiday. Thankfully, a number of Croatian Post Office branches have teamed up with Electrocoin to provide crypto brokerage services to the general public. People visiting or living in Croatia can now exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Stellar, Ripple (XRP), and EOS into fiat and vice versa at 1,016 branches around the country. This new wave of mass adoption will help crypto holders and crypto travelers quickly get their hands on cash needed to pay for items in a country that isn’t renowned for accepting crypto.

Not the First Post Office to Exchange Crypto

This massive network of 1,016 Post Offices aren’t the first in the world to accept crypto and change it to fiat. Last year, Austrian Post teamed up with BitPanda to offer the same service. However, the Austrian service was available from just over 400 Post Offices around the country – a far smaller figure than available in Croatia. This massive network of Post Offices means that you’re never far away from a Post Office that will allow you to trade your crypto for fiat – a journey that can take tens of hours in other nations.

Crypto Travelers Rejoice

It’s now easier than ever before to book flights and hotels using crypto thanks to sites like TavelbyBit. However, once crypto travelers get to their destinations they can often find themselves miles away from the nearest store that accepts crypto. This means post office branches like these in Croatia are a much-needed lifeline, especially in countries that are popular with travelers. Whether you’re a personal or corporate traveler, paying for your vacation using crypto has never been easier.

Adoption is Growing

Croatia might not be known as the blockchain and crypto capital of Europe, but it’s certainly making its mark. Mass adoption requires more Post Offices and companies to begin accepting crypto, so this is just the first step. Last week. BTCPay launched its directory service, allowing users to see where they can spend their Bitcoin. This incredible service makes living the crypto life easier than ever before.

Next time you’re in Croatia you will be able to head to your nearest Post Office and change your crypto into fiat, allowing you to enjoy the local cuisine, beer, and culture – especially at places that currently don’t accept crypto.