WTF Coin – The Scam That Stopped the Euros

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • A pitch invader promoting WTF Coin stopped a Euro 2020 match on Monday
  • WTF Coin claims that it was “free advertising” and is milking the stunt for all it’s worth
  • WTF Coin is in fact nothing but a rip off shitcoin that can only further damage the image of crypto

The Euro 2020 match between Finland and Belgium on Monday was notable for two things – first the fact that Romelu Lukaku was horribly mismanaged at Manchester United, and secondly the ‘streaker’ who ran onto the pitch in the 91st minute to promote a cryptocurrency. The girl, wearing black shorts and a black vest bearing the words ‘WTF Coin’ and the coin’s website, caused the game to be stopped while she was removed and shining a light on WTF Coin in the process. Perhaps unsurprisingly WTF Coin turns out to be a shitcoin of the worst variety, doing the space no favors on one of the world’s biggest sporting stages.

WTF Coin Eyes Post Zombie Apocalypse Island

WTF Coin is an unabashed meme token with a total supply, according to the coin’s medium page, of “$1 quadrillion tokens”. Its tongue-in-cheek claim is that coronavirus will usher in a zombie apocalypse and the mission of WTF Coin is to “build a legendary community that will buy its own WTF Island with blackjack and whores to escape from zombie apocalypse”.

A post on the project’s Medium page claims that “the internet has instantly fallen in love” with the scantily clad promotional girl, although oddly this claim appeared on June 8, some two weeks before her first appearance. Their claim is also patently untrue, as a Twitter search for ‘WTF Coin Streaker’ returns just two hits.

Curiously, the curator of the page even tries to claim that WTF Coin has benefited from “free advertising” thanks to the stunt, as if someone is voluntarily going to stop a soccer match to advertise a shitcoin. They milk their stunt for all it is worth over the course of several posts, trying to convince readers that WTF Coin is now somehow world famous because of it. This should tell you all you need to know about the project, aside from the fact it has stolen the Safemoon burn/tax model without referencing it.

Scam Does Crypto No Favors at the Worst Time

Now obviously we’re not stuck up enough to look down our noses at what is clearly a joke coin, but what we do resent is that it gives the world another reason to call the crypto space a scam. A portion of the world will have used the marketing stunt and the bullshit about tokenomics to buy WTF Coin, not knowing that it will inevitably collapse or exit scam at some point in the future. This does nothing but damage the crypto space further, at a time when it is already suffering an image problem.

Thankfully it seems that very few people have actually followed through with a purchase – at the time of writing the coin has $55 in 24-hour volume on Pancakeswap, so we can only hope that WTF Coin dies a quick death and never rises again, unlike a zombie.