XRP Set to be Listed on Crypto Lending Platform BlockFi

Reading Time: 2 minutes

BlockFi has been causing major disruption in the crypto world since it launched. By allowing people to deposit their crypto and earn interest on the balance, it has allowed BlockFi to make a huge name for itself in the competitive crypto industry. In its latest announcement, BlockFi stated that it will be adding support for XRP, meaning you can deposit your XRP and start earning interest on your holdings, just like you would your cash. Not only that, you can stake loans using XRP as well – how great is that?

Collateralized Loans with XRP

One of BlockFi’s most popular features is the 12-month loans you can take out, using your crypto as collateral – meaning you don’t have to sell your crypto stash to make that purchase. Currently, BlockFi allows users to collateralize loans with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, but in April or May – BlockFi hasn’t narrowed down an exact date yet – it will be enabling users to stake their XRP tokens as loan collateral as well.

XRP Listed Left, Right, and Center

It’s been a fantastic month for XRP fans, as the token appears to be getting listed everywhere in the crypto world. Last week, Coinbase announced that it would finally be listing XRP, after years of denying the digital asset a place on the platform. While the news didn’t create much in terms of a price boost, the news of XRP collateralized loans and interest on holdings should help move the needle.

Is BlockFi One of the Unknown XRP Whales?

Over the past few months, Ripple has been moving colossal sums of XRP from its wallets to unknown wallets. One of those transactions contained a cryptic message “Crawl… Walk… Run…”. For weeks the crypto world has been trying to decrypt this secretive message, and we could finally have the answer. It could plausibly be a transaction to BlockFi and the message would make sense given the purpose of the platform. Until the wallet the message was sent to is identified, all we have is speculation – sorry about that.

XRP fans, go sign up at BlockFi and deposit your holdings – you can finally earn interest on your crypto tokens. Tokens stores over at BlockFi are totally safe and will be put to work, earning you interest, every single day. You worked hard to get your crypto, so put that crypto to work – you deserve it. There aren’t too many uses for XRP at the moment, so BlockFi looks like a great temporary solution for XRP holders wondering what to do with their crypto pile.