Do We Really Need TVs That Can Trade NFTs?

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • NFTs could be having their ‘blockchain mania’ moment
  • In 2017, companies were falling over themselves to announce something to do with blockchain
  • Samsung has announced that its new range of TVs will include NFT management, not that anyone asked for it

Samsung recently announced a new feature for its line of upcoming televisions that no one saw coming – the ability to trade NFTs. Alongside “the latest advancements in picture quality, sound technology and smart features”, three of its 2022 models will feature an “intuitive, integrated platform for discovering, purchasing and trading digital artwork”, a development that, on the surface, represents another step towards adoption of NFTs in the digital ecosystem. However, are we simply seeing a repeat of 2017’s blockchain mania?

Blockchain Mania Soon Died Away

In 2017, ‘blockchain’ was the word on the street and companies were falling over themselves to think of ways to at least look like they were implementing it. A huge number of those who said they were looking into it ended up doing no such thing, and when the bear market hit in 2018 the concept of blockchain taking over the world rapidly diminished.

Five years later and the same thing looks to be happening with NFTs. Global titans in every field have hopped aboard the NFT train, although admittedly in a more ‘hands on’ way, but Samsung’s announcement about incorporating NFT management and trading in their new range of televisions could be NFT’s ‘jumping the shark’ moment.

Who Asked For NFT Trading on a TV?

Anyone who owns a smart TV knows that what is really needed is a fast, responsive UI that doesn’t act like an iPhone and slow down after a year’s use. Instead of this however we get the ability to trade NFTs on it. Who on Earth needs, or even wants, to NFTs on their TV? Since when was a computer not good enough? Most people don’t even like doing it on their phones because its more fiddly and less secure than on a laptop or equivalent, so how exactly is doing it on a massive screen with a TV remote going to make it a better experience?

Unless Samsung has something truly groundbreaking up its sleeve, this ‘innovation’ has the potential to mark the point of no return for NFT integration and could be the time when NFTs join blockchain on the other side of the shark pool.