Wirex Pulls Telegram Channel After Scammers Take Control

Reading Time: 2 minutes

The crypto world is jam-packed with scammers and people looking to take naïve crypto enthusiasts to the cleaners. Telegram channels have quickly become a hotspot for crypto scammers, and none more so than the official Wirex Telegram channel. Within seconds of posting an issue, you would receive dozens of unsolicited messages from alleged support agents. However, all of these alleged support agents are scammers looking to take all of your crypto.

In a bid to protect its customers, and relieve the support strain from the handful of community managers, Wirex has decided to discontinue support in its Telegram channel and instead use its very own dedicated support forum.

Wirex Telegram Closed for Good

In a messaged pinned to the official Wirex channel, admins dropped a link to the brand-new community forum where customers can migrate to. Users will need to create a community forum account, as the login from your personal Wirex account will not work here. The forum is relatively active and provides as much help and support as you would get from the Telegram channel. However, scammers are quickly catching on and are creating accounts, asking for people to message them privately on Telegram. Fortunately, admins can quickly detect these types of posts from scammers and delete them, keeping the Wirex community safer than was previously possible.

The End of Telegram Communities?

Telegram communities are suffering at the hands of scammers, and it’s a problem that Telegram needs to address. However, due to Telegram’s structure and nature, it’s not a problem Telegram can resolve without changings its core functions and beliefs. This could in turn cause many more big-name projects to ditch Telegram in favor of community forums where community managers and algorithms can detect scammers and ban them instantly. This is likely not a future that Telegram wants, but unless it does more to tackle scammers, it’s a future that it may very well have to embrace.

Wirex has had its fair share of issues over the course of the year, but this community forum seems like the Wirex team is finally tying up all the loose ends and really looking out for its customers. This could set a dangerous president for Telegram, and if more projects decide to follow suit, we could see Telegram start to register a decline in number of users.