Win Bitcoin With Bitcoin-inspired Comic Series Bulltardia

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  • Win Bitcoin with “cultural zine” Citadel21, who are giving away 10 million satoshis
  • Readers of its Bultardia comic book will have to solve clues every month to reveal the private key to a Bitcoin wallet
  • Bulltardia is another example of the treasure-hunt Bitcoin giveaway format

A Bitcoin comic is giving you the chance to win Bitcoin by reading it and solving the clues to a Bitcoin wallet. Citadel21, which describes itself as a “Bitcoin cultural zine”, is featuring a Bitcoin-inspired fable called Bulltardia, a story told across twelve editions of the magazine. Each edition will contain clues to a 12-word seed phrase that will access a Bitcoin wallet containing “10 million satoshis”, or 0.1 BTC, with one lucky reader walking away with the booty when the story concludes next year.

Win Bitcoin by Following the Honey Badger on his Quest

Bulltardia, designed by visual artist Dim Zayan, tells the story of a group of creatures oppressed by a fiat overlord until the rebellious Honey Badger (who takes pride of place on this edition’s front cover) is sent on a journey by his father, Satoshi, to return the Moonstone with its familiar ‘B’ icon to its rightful home…wherever that might turn out to be.

Win Bitcoin with Citadel21

Bulltardia is another example in the growing list of creative Bitcoin giveaways that use the private key as the literal key to the puzzle to help win Bitcoin. Satoshi’s Treasure, a Bitcoin treasure hunt, offered an amazing $1 million in BTC to the first person to crack their Sherlock Holmes-level clues last year, which they followed up with a one million XTZ token giveaway based on a similar premise.

Other creative ways that have offered the chance to win Bitcoin have seen Bitcoin private keys hidden in works of art, with the endeavor helped by companies such as CoinTreasure allowing just about anyone to set up their own crypto treasure hunt.

Citadel21 Offers First Clue to Get Hunters Started

Those of an impatient nature have already been given a clue relating to the first magazine, relating to our hero the honey badger:

With 12 words to be uncovered in total and one edition produced per month we can expect Bultardia to reveal its secrets in about nine months time, during which time we can only guess what our intrepid Honey Badger is going to get up to while his followers try to win Bitcoin from the enterprise.