Whisky on the Blockchain for Wilderness Trail Distillery

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There are many things that can be tokenized and put on the blockchain, but Kentucky whiskey is probably up there with the most desirable. Fortunately, one producer, Wilderness Trail Distillery, has done just that, teaming up with Wave Financial Group to launch the Wave Kentucky Whiskey 2020 Digital Fund, the first tokenized US whiskey barrel fund.

US Whiskey Demand Driving Innovation

Whiskey production is not normally considered to be an investable asset, but with the demand for quality US whiskey, particularly bourbon, increasing globally and tokenization of assets of all types becoming increasingly easier as the space develops, it makes sense to combine the two.

Wilderness Trail is a premium producer of Kentucky bourbons, and is the 14th largest Bourbon distillery in the world. The company is renowned in the industry for pushing the limits of innovation and is highly regarded for mastering the bourbon production technique. The company combines its reputation with strict supply control to ensure demand for its products remains high, with the ideal end result being financial rewards for token holders.

Tokens Will be Available on Exchanges

The Wave Kentucky Whiskey 2020 Digital Fund will store newly filled barrels of premium Kentucky Bourbon whiskey throughout the ageing process, with investors owning tokens that represent shares in the fund. These tokens are expected to be tradeable on leading digital security exchanges, providing investors the opportunity to trade in and out of the fund during its lifetime.

David Siemer, CEO of Wave, praised the innovative approach to the fund, saying that, “The Wave Kentucky Whiskey 2020 Fund provides a novel way for those passionate about whiskey to get involved in its creation, while also appealing to those who are just seeking high-returning investment opportunities.”

Security Tokenization Breaking New Ground

Security tokenization has long been considered an ideal platform through which cryptocurrencies and blockchain can be best represented, and with the whiskey production industry now joining the sports, retail, and art industries in tokenizing products, it really seems like the potential is turning into reality.