BNB Chain Unveils New Service to Create Scaling Networks

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • BNB Chain has unveiled a new service meant to attract developers of scaling layers to the platform
  • The new feature takes a rollup-as-a-service approach
  • The service will ease the technical aspect of launching layer two protocols on the blockchain

Shortly after Ethereum’s layer two-centric Dencun upgrade went live, BNB Chain has unveiled a feature that will help in launching layer two networks on the BSC blockchain. Taking a rollup-as-a-service (RaaS) approach, the feature will simplify the process of launching layer 2 protocols on the platform by covering the technical aspect of the process. BNB Chain aims to attract developers interested in creating decentralized applications which is part of the chain’s mission to bring more people to the web3 space.

An Opportunity to Collaborate

According to BNB Chain, RaaS “provides large-scale Dapps, enterprise and BNB Chain itself with the technological infrastructure needed to deploy dedicated L2s on BNB Smart Chain (BSC).”

The blockchain said that the service will be a cheaper and efficient way to create scaling layers on the blockchain, adding that it’s also tailored to allow for the creation of unique products meant for a small subset of users. Projects using BNB Chain’s RaaS will have the opportunity to collaborate with reputable service providers on the network.

BNB Chain also noted that the service is part of its plan to increase collaboration in the blockchain world through the creation of a “comprehensive toolkit to build efficient and scalable” protocols powered by BSC.

Can BSC Beat Ethereum?

The BNB Chain’s intention to increase the number of BSC-powered scaling layers comes roughly two days after Ethereum welcomed the Dencun upgrade meant to lower the transaction costs onits layer twos.

It also comes two months after BNB developers announced that they’ll be merging BNB Beacon Chain with BNB Smart Chain due to a shift “in the blockchain landscape.”

With the launch of the BNB Chain RaaS, it’s to be seen whether the blockchain’s layer two landscape will be as prominent as that of Ethereum.