What’s Going On In Crypto – March 28 – April 2

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What’s going on in the cryptocurrency world next week? Our guide covers the key events in crypto over the coming seven days.

Binance Blockchain Week (March 28 – 30)

Binance Blockchain Week promises world-class programming and more, live at Trade Center Arena, Dubai World Trade Center.
Conference participants will explore the future of blockchain with a stellar speaker lineup that includes traders, founders, institutional investors, regulators, and officials from across the world, with Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao taking to the lectern as you might expect. Speakers will share their insights across live panels, fireside chats, a hackathon, and more.
Binance Blockchain Week is geared towards enabling participants to see how the many and varied pieces of the blockchain/crypto space can fit together, with the three-day conference covering the most important topics for today and the future.

You can still register for tickets here.

BitMart Exchange lists Gami Studio (March 28).

GAMI, the play-to-earn blockchain-based gaming studio, gets a new home on Monday when it lists on the BitMart exchange. GAMI leverages AR, VR, and NFT technologies to give gamers the ultimate playing experiences and reward them for their enjoyment, in another example of the burgeoning industry.
Gami Studio’s first project is creating a mobile game where gamers can choose characters from historic civilizations that they can nurture, train and develop to achieve greatness by battling, winning, and ascending to the top.
Find out about Gami Studios and its projects here.

NFT LA (March 28 – 31)

NFT LA is a conference fused with immersive metaverse integrations and Los Angeles’ robust nightlife scene to create one integrated conference experience.

The NFT LA conference centers on exploring the city of LA, as well as its role as a global conduit for the adoption of Web3 in sports, music, and entertainment. The conference will play on LA’s recent history of technology adoption which organizers say has been “greatly influenced by sports, music, and entertainment.”
The “multi-dimensional gathering of Web3 and NFT’s” has been created by the “brilliant minds of Edge of NFT Podcast”, including Joshua Kriger, Jeff Kelley, Eathan Janney and Zack Sekar and promises to be quite the experience.
Find out more about NFT LA here.

Blockchain Brawlers Launch (March 30)

Blockchain Brawlers is a play-to-earn game that takes elements of WWE, Mexican wrestling, and cage match brawls and incorporates them into a blockchain game.
Blockchain Brawlers was developed by WAX Studios and has a limited supply of 1,050 brawlers that brawl, earn, craft, and more within the Blockchain Brawlers environment.
The developers have chosen to launch with a limited supply of brawlers to take the time to study players’ behavior and make any necessary adjustments before opening up the platform to the broader public.
For more information on how to get yourself into the ring, check out their website.