Gamers, Get Ready for In-Game Crypto Payments

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There are altcoins for almost every purpose that you could ever imagine, but the first designed for gaming has finally gotten its big break. MobileGO (MGO) has been adopted by Xsolla – a firm that specializes in allowing game developers to implement in-game purchases. This new partnership will allow all games that use Xsolla’s in-game payment system to begin accepting MGO.
Xsolla works with some of the biggest studios, publishers, libraries, and developers in the world, boasting the likes of Steam, Ubisoft, Crytek, and PUBG Corporation. This means the next time you’re buying a game from the Steam store or an upgraded weapon in PUBG you can now choose to use MGO as a payment method.

More Than Just Payments

This partnership will bring more than just crypto payments to the gaming world. MGO also provides the ability for gamers and developers to create player versus player (PvP) decentralized tournaments that players can stake and win MGO tokens. This will provide a new depth to games that previously didn’t have this feature or option. While it’s a classic feature in games like Call of Duty and Fortnite, PvP tournaments are pretty hard to find in a number of other titles.

A Steamy Brush with Crypto

Back in August, a game was pulled from the Steam store for containing a malicious code that hijacked gamers CPU and GPU power in order to mine cryptos. Abstractism – the game accused of stealing gamer’s processing power – encouraged gamers to leave their computers running 24/7 in order to gain ultra-rare loot crates. In reality this was so the developers could use gamer’s machines to mine cryptos for longer periods of time. Steam eventually pulled the game from the store following multiple reports and complaints from hordes of users in the gaming community.

Ubisoft Joining the Blockchain Game Alliance

In a move that’s straight out of its popular Watch Dogs series, Ubisoft is joining the Blockchain Gaming Alliance (BGA) in a bid to futureproof its systems and gaming technology. The BGA is dedicated to building new games with enhanced performance and features by using distributed ledger technology and blockchain systems. This can range from 100% uptime in online games to player reputation management.

Spend Your Weekend Hunting for Bitcoin

With the weekend fast approaching, many people are beginning to make their plans. What better way to spend a wintery weekend than playing a classic – No Man’s Sky. If you have played it to death, we think you might love this new incentive to install the latest update and load up the game once again. Some adventurous gamers have planted the seed to a Bitcoin wallet in the Endanko System for a plucky gamer to find. The seed is split over two planets in the system, and the winner will get their hands on some free BTC – not bad for a day’s gaming.
MobileGO and Xsolla are hard at work to bring new experiences to your favorite games. This new partnership will likely spur developers and in-game payment gateways to begin accepting a variety of cryptos – especially as the demand from gamers increases. Blockchain and crypto is the future of the gaming industry, so it’s just a matter of time before it takes over.