Westland Storage Scam Takes a Dark Turn

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One of the most well-known scams in the history of the crypto world has finally been blown wide open, as the founders of Westland Storage have made a sudden and shocking exit. Westland Storage was very clearly a scam since its inception and launch, but investors continued to pile their funds into the project in the hopes of making a decent return. However, since the exit took place things have taken a rather dark and mysterious turn.

Death Threats Galore

Investors who had invested heavily into the Westland Storage platform are rightfully angry at the founders for scamming them, but the founders have had a rather unique way of dealing with these complaints. Numerous investors who have filed complaints with both British and Dutch police have been receiving death threats from Westland Storage. Even if you’re going to scam people, don’t make death threats against angry investors, as it takes the level of crime committed to a whole new level.

Fake Names Attached to the Project

While it was active, the Westland Storage website was littered with photos and bios of key team members in a bid to legitimize the company. Yet, a group investigating the scam discovered that these were all fake names designed to hide the true identity of the team behind the scam. The group alleges that the CEO of Westland Storage – Matthew Boyd – is actually a man called Carl Owen.

Website and Social Media Pulled

A standard move with all scams is to remove the website, and Westland Storage has done just that. The website now displays text that says “File not found”, a worrying sign for all investors. On top of this missing website, all social media channels and groups have had their names changed, profile images changed and accounts deleted. This has left investors with very few methods left to get in contact with the team to try and recover their money.

Taking Matters into Their Own Hands

A group of investors have decided to take matters into their own hands and gather as much information about Westland Storage as possible, including the true identities of key players behind the scam. Two names they uncovered were Exene Avril Rodriguez and Yesenia Gonzalez, both of whom hold numerous domain names for Westland Storage. These names were never mentioned on the original Westland Storage website and are believed to be the true identity of key members of the scam.
The group of investors have also created a website dedicated to helping other investors who suffered the same fate. The website is full of information on the progress of the legal action, along with their latest discoveries. However, the site has already been attacked and taken down multiple times by hackers, presumably from Westland Storage in a bid to cover up their true identities.

How to Recover Your Investment

Unfortunately, as people willingly sent crypto to Westland Storage police forces have been slow to react. This type of crime is relatively new and police forces are still finding their footing in the space. The best way to go about getting any investments back is to submit a report to your local financial crimes department and give them as much information as possible.

Police on the Case

In evidence shown to the FullyCrypto team, British and Dutch police have almost everything they need to track down and apprehend the masterminds behind the Westland Storage scam. Once you lodge your claim with the relevant financial crimes department it’s very much a waiting game from then on out. Put your faith in the police and let them do their jobs, don’t get yourself into trouble taking the vigilante route. Westland Storage has already sent out multiple death threats to people investigating the scam, so be careful if you decide to ignore our warnings and investigate anyway.
Large swathes of the crypto community have a lack of sympathy for people who invested in Westland Storage. This is due to the fact that it reeked of a scam from day one, but people losing their entire life savings is never nice. Westland Storage was recently called out for lying about owning an island and this triggered the exit strategy to be put in place. For now, it’s just a waiting game to see what the police can do. What’s for certain is that Westland Storage is going to go down as one of the biggest crypto scams in history!