Two Casascius Bitcoins Go Up for Sale on Particl

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There is no greater feeling than owning a slice of Bitcoin history and Bitcoin fans now have a chance to get their hands on a selection of Casascius Brass Bitcoins. There are currently two of the series two brass Bitcoins up for sale on the Particl marketplace. Both are in mint condition with digital certificates of authenticity. The tokens come in an air-sealed capsule in which they have been stored in since their receipt from Casascius back in 2013. One coin up for sale is worth 0.5 BTC, while the other coin is worth 1 BTC.

What are Casascius Bitcoins?

The Casascius Bitcoins are legendary tokens that were designed and developed by Bitcoin user Casascius, better known as Mike Caldwell. Caldwell contacted a company to make the tokens, and he inserted a piece of paper with 24-word seed phrase underneath two tamper-resistant hologram stickers on the coin. These coins were sold until November 2013, with Caldwell being forced to shut up shop after authorities stated that he requires a money transmittance license to operate.


Casascius made the coins in the hope that they could be used in face-to-face transactions once Bitcoin became widely adopted, but instead they have turned into collector’s items. There was only ever a limited amount of these coins made, making them ultra-rare and difficult to come by.

Hurry, Time is Running Out

If you want to get your hands on these rare Casascius tokens, you’re going to need to head over to the hottest decentralized marketplace around – Particl. The Particl marketplace is privacy-focused and fully decentralized, so you’ll first have to download and run the Particl desktop client in order to gain access to the Bitcoins. Once you’ve installed the client, simply create a marketplace wallet and you can begin browsing through the myriad of goods available on the marketplace. Search for the Casascius Bitcoin’s and you will be presented with the two listings. Aside from being truly decentralized and privacy-focused, Particl is completely trustless. This ensures that you cannot be scammed as a consumer by the merchant, or as the merchant by the consumer, making Particl a powerful alternative to conventional marketplaces. If you want to get your hands on these two Casascius tokens, you’re going to need to hurry. Both listings end on August 30 – so download the Particl marketplace and place your bids before it’s too late.

Getting your hands on these two rare coins is super simple and easy thanks to Particl – you might find something else on the marketplace that catches your eye too. Casascius is no longer making coins with a real Bitcoin value, so it’s well worth scooping up these two Bitcoin artifacts before time runs out – who knows when you will get another opportunity like this again!