Tor Browser Updates Donation System, Accepts More Cryptos

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Tor, the most popular anonymous browser in the world, has updated its donation system to allow it to accept more cryptocurrencies. Tor now allows donors to help keep the project going and remain as awesome as ever by donating in Bitcoin, Litecoin, DASH, Ethereum, Augur, Zcash, Monero, and Stellar Lumens. Tor is a free to use browser and doesn’t contain any adds, meaning it relies heavily on generous donors to help it keep going. By opening up donations to the wider crypto community, it hopes to cash in on the vast number of crypto enthusiasts using the platform.

Using Tor to Remain Hidden

Crypto enthusiasts have fallen in love with Tor thanks to its unique range of properties that regular browsers – like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer – simply refuse to offer. It blocks trackers, defends against surveillance, resists fingerprinting, has multi-layer encryption and allows you to bypass any pesky filters that block what sites you visit. These features are incredibly popular amongst crypto users as certain scripts that track and follow your movement could leak sensitive data about crypto wallets, private keys, or even seed phrases, but Tor doesn’t have these – meaning you can play in the crypto world with fewer things to worry about.

Crypto Donations Going Mainstream

Crypto payments have become a rather popular form of donation, and no community on the planet is more generous than the Bitcoin community. In March 2018, the Pineapple Fund donated $4 million in Bitcoin to the Open Medical Foundation, much to the surprise of the foundations founder, Lina Tannenbaum. Meanwhile, over on Reddit users have been banding together in the Bitcoin community to gather funds to buy school supplies for children in Venezuela. In the first wave of donations, Crypto for Venezuela received enough Bitcoin to buy supplies for 500 school children, giving them the start in life they truly deserve.

Justin Sun Gets Generous

While Justin Sun isn’t gifting his millions to Tor or the starving children in Venezuela, he has teamed up with Changpeng Zhao – Binance CEO – to donate $100,000 each to the Malta Community Chest Fund. Despite pushing to become the “Blockchain Island”, the country has low minimum wages and this leaves many Maltese citizens unable to afford rent, food, water and other necessities. The Malta Community Chest Fund helps these families on a daily basis through these generous donations.

Tor is hoping that its millions of users will each chip in a bit to help the project continue to grow and remain as safe and secure as possible. After all, we have to support the free projects we use on a daily basis, it’s only fair.