Tippin Lets You Tip on Twitter Using the Lightning Network

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Last week Jack Dorsey – Twitter CEO – said he loved the idea of people being able to tip Tweeters for their content, giving many the impression that Twitter would be working on implementing a similar concept in the coming months. However, less than a week later, Tippin pushed its Google Chrome extension live that allows users to tip one another on Twitter – how cool is that! Tippin has been around for some time, allowing people to tip each other using the Lightning Network across various platforms and channels.

Twitter Moving into Crypto

While Twitter might not have made the move into Lightning Network tipping on its own, it’s certainly looking to get into the crypto scene. Dorsey announced that his Square Cash app will start accepting Bitcoin in the very near future and hinted that Twitter could follow down the same path. He is a key Bitcoin proponent, frequently calling it the currency of the future. This all points to one thing – Twitter will start accepting Bitcoin in the near future.

Lightning Network Developing Quickly

The lightning network – a second layer scaling solution for Bitcoin – is rapidly developing and more platforms are starting to integrate with it. Last week we saw an app open up that allows users to buy pizza from Domino’s using the Lightning Network! Now that Tippin has started letting Twitter users get involved with the Lightning Network, the scaling solution is only going to grow in popularity.

Social Media Crypto Tipping Becoming Popular

It’s no secret that people loved to be tipped for their hard work and contribution to social media networks. However, more and more social media influencers are looking to the crypto industry to help maximize their revenue. Currently platforms charge a cash out fee, meaning hard earned tips are lost to platforms, and crypto can fix this. The Lightning Network has a low set of fees and the crypto is sent directly to your personal wallet – meaning no 3rd party cash out fees!

Not only is it helping content creators to get rewarded for their hard work, but it will encourage content creators to develop even better and engaging content. This in turn should help to remove the amount of trash on the web. By incentivizing people to create meaningful content, junk content will be minimized.

Tippin is helping to revolutionize the way we interact with content creators online, and Twitter is just the beginning. It won’t be long before other plugins are available that allow users to tip one another across the entire social spectrum.