The Week Ahead in Crypto – 04/03-10/03

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This week’s crypto events of note include a potential triple mainnet, a relaunched website, a hard fork, and an accelerated airdrop program among others. This looks like being another busy week, so let’s dive right in!

March 4 – Hydro Website Relaunch

Hydro is preparing to launch their new website Monday, where, according to their temporary page, “everything is about to change”. Hydro places itself at the fintech end of the blockchain spectrum, allowing financial apps to incorporate the benefits of blockchain technology, such as speed, reduced cost, and increased security, into legacy systems without needing infrastructure overhaul. The new site will reveal a sleek new look, a one-stop-shop for all things Hydro and the first look at the new dApp store.

March 9 – Monero Hard Fork

Monero’s next hard fork commences this week, as the developers attempt to keep one step ahead of ASIC miners who are perpetually trying to turn their powerful machines to the GPU-friendly algorithm. The fork will take place at block height 1788000 and will include new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements, alongside the all-important tweak to the CryptoNightR algorithm. The impending hard fork was listed as one of the reasons for Monero cloud mining service Coinhive closing down, which many see as another positive.

March 10 – Pundi X Token Distribution

Sunday sees the start of the accelerated Pundi X staking/distribution scheme. The team announced in February that the token unlocking program was being accelerated from three years’ worth of airdrops to sixteen months’ worth, with an increased token unlock rate running until June this year. This increased rate begins on Sunday, so anyone looking to take part and earn themselves some f(x) coin (Pundi X’s native transaction currency) needs to have some NPXS locked away in the Pundi X XWallet from that day.

March 10 – IOST Decentralized App Store Launch

IOST opens their decentralized app (dApp) store on Sunday, two weeks after its mainnet went live. The milestone, which comes six months ahead of schedule, will see dApps built by hundreds of enthusiasts from a global network of more than 150 partners, including Huobi, DDEX, iBank Digital Asset, and CoinGecko, become available for consumer use. The dApp store will launch with games, wallets, decentralized exchanges, stablecoins, and other applications, compatible with the Ethereum smart contracts.

March 4-10 – SkyCoin Triple Mainnet

Not so much a definite as a maybe, but Skycoin director Daken Freeborn said in an interview in early February that the Skycoin ‘triple mainnet’ should launch within thirty days, which puts us within the scope of the coming week. Whilst no definite confirmation has come out since then, this is definitely one to be keeping an eye on as a positive announcement this week could yield very good returns for Skycoin holders.

Pressure on Skycoin

If Skycoin can pull their triple mainnet out of the bag this week, that will likely be the standout story from this collection. If they can’t, Hydro’s big following will probably ensure that their new website steals the show, as it’s expected to be quite something. Either way, this week should prove to be another exciting week for many crypto projects.