The Week Ahead in Crypto – 03/25/19-04/01/19

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It’s meetup week in the crypto world again, as projects take to the road to present at conferences, meet punters, and advertise their wares. As far afield as London, Montreal, San Francisco, and Germany, blockchain fans will be able to listen to and converse with representatives of their favorite projects and get a feel for what’s happening in the blockchain space.

Tuesday 26 – Zcash San Francisco Meetup

Joseph Van Geffen, Design Lead of the Electric Coin Company, Zcash’s parent company, is heading to San Francisco to give a presentation about the design of the Zcash Reference Wallet, the wallet app the company is currently building. This will be followed by a feedback session where fans can give their opinions on the wallet and influence its design. Attendance is free – details can be found here.

Tuesday 26 – Basic Attention Token Montreal Meetup

McGill University in Montreal will welcome two Basic Attention Token community managers Tuesday night, but the subject won’t be the token itself. Instead the subject will be blockchain in general, with the pair, identified as only as Jennie and Chris, talking about the nuts and bolts of the technology and where the BAT token fits into it. Attendance is free – details can be found here.

Tuesday 26 – WAX @ Goldman Sachs Disruptive

William Quigley, CEO of WAX, will present at the Goldman Sachs Disruptive Technology Symposium in London Tuesday night. The symposium runs across two days and brings together some of the most innovative and exciting companies across all fields in the technology space and beyond, together with many of the world’s most prominent investment institutions, to explore the latest developments shaping the world today. Tickets for the event are available here.

Tuesday 26 – KuCoin Blockchain Day

KuCoin is holding KuCoin Blockchain Day in Zug’s ‘Crypto Valley’ in Switzerland Tuesday morning, where speakers from KuCoin, Bitcoin Suisse, GSR, and more will be giving their thoughts on the current state of blockchain and what lies ahead for the sector. The event, which is free, aims to share industry insights, discuss possible applications of blockchain technology and help emerging projects find a better way to move forward. More details are available here.

Wednesday 27-28 – C³ Crypto Conference

The C³ Crypto Conference in Berlin, Germany, runs over two days and features “some of the biggest innovators and names in crypto”, providing attendees with an overview of the latest topics and trends in the blockchain space, from regulatory decisions to the pathway to mass adoption, with a strong emphasis use cases, education, and regulation. Ambrosus, IOTA, Decred, Kraken, and more will be represented. Tickets are still available – details can be found here.

Thursday 28 – Stellar Cape Town Meetup

Finally this week, Stellar developers and fans will be congregating in Cape Town to meet and mingle with fellow Stellar builders and entrepreneurs over beer and pizza, which sounds as good a reason for any to turn up. Stellar projects and demos will be on show for attendees to play with, and the meetup will also feature a presentation and a practical demo. If you fancy heading on down for a Stellar evening, you can find more details here.

Do you plan to attend any of the events above? Let us know in the comments!