Internet Meme Stars Selling Their Images as NFTs

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • Accidental internet meme stars are auctioning off NFT versions the images and videos that made them famous
  • Two internet meme NFTs have been sold for half a million dollars
  • The development is another example of the potential in the NFT space

It’s fair to say that the scope of the NFT world is constantly changing, and the latest development has been one that long-time internet users will know all too well. Even before the concept of a meme was established within the internet community, certain images and videos took on a resonance and became famous around the world, so much so that an internet meme hall of fame has emerged. The members of this exclusive club are now using their accidental fame to their advantage – by selling the images as NFTs.

Internet Meme NFTs Making Their Mark

The internet meme NFT bonanza has seen some big winners – Chris Crocker’s ‘Leave Britney Alone’ scooped 18.69 ETH in an auction last month, while Bad Luck Brian collected 20 ETH and Scumbag Steve 30 ETH. The biggest winner so far however has been Overly Attached Girlfriend (real name Laina Morris) who sold the NFT of the famous image for 200 ETH earlier this month, with Zoë Roth, better known as Disaster Girl, fetching 180 ETH for her famous internet meme.

Not everyone has seen such success however – Ermagherd Girl landed only 2.2 ETH, while Ridiculously Photogenic Guy accepted 3.3 ETH. The internet meme NFT space is set to grow, with Clarinet Boy and David After Dentist among those preparing internet meme NFTs for themselves, hoping to cash in on the current trend.

Foundation Cornering the Market

All these internet meme NFTs have been auctioned on the same site, Foundation, which seems to have cornered the market in this particular tranche of the NFT world. With dozens of famous internet memes yet to feature on the site, there is every chance that Overly Attached Girlfriend’s current record could be broken.