The FullyCrypto 2020 Christmas Crypto Quiz

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It’s been another crazy year in the crypto space, with Bitcoin hitting all-time highs and Craig Wright’s reputation hitting all-time lows. We’ve seen billionaires backing Bitcoin, PayPal making crypto mainstream, and some truly extraordinary price action across the board.

With so much going on this year in one way or another it wouldn’t be a surprise if you’ve forgotten half of what happened in crypto this year. For those who think they have a good memory for such things, we present (drumroll please) the The FullyCrypto 2020 Christmas Crypto Quiz!

Below you will find 15 questions all relating to things that happened in the cryptocurrency space this year with three options to choose from. There’s no time limit, but please don’t be tempted to cheat – it’s just for fun, and you’ll only be cheating yourself, and where’s the fun in that?

Are you ready? Sure? Then let’s ho ho ho…


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1What was the price of Bitcoin at midnight on January 1, 2020?

2What is the total dollar value that MicroStrategy has spent on Bitcoin this year?

3How much Ethereum was needed to fill the Ethereum 2.0 deposit contract in November?

4To whom did Craig Wright lose a court case in January?

5What was Justin Sun’s winning bid to secure lunch with Warren Buffett?

6YFI usurped Bitcoin as the most expensive coin in the crypto space in September, but how high did it go?

7On how many exchanges was the Bitcoin all time high broken in November?

8What was the Bitcoin block reward reduced to in this year’s halving?

9What was the value of the cryptocurrency seized from PlusToken scammers this year?

10How many cryptocurrencies did PayPal’s new platform support on launch?

11How much has the USDT market cap increased this year?

12Which world leader was revealed to have wanted to “go after” Bitcoin in 2018?

13Which “coin for humanity”, which claimed to be backed by billions of dollars of gold and fine art, was targeted by the SEC for deceiving investors?

14How long were OKEx withdrawals halted for after the CEO was investigated by police in October?

15Approximately how much Bitcoin was sent to the Twitter hacker who took over several high profile accounts in July?

How did you get on? Compare your score with the ratings below:

12-15: Wow, you really know your crypto, and you’ve got a great memory! Give yourself a high five and a glass of eggnog – you deserve it!

8-11: Not bad, but room for improvement. You clearly have a fair bit of crypto knowledge and you can remember the bigger events of 2020, but the smaller details may have passed you by. Give yourself a half hearted handshake and a glass of sparkling water.

5-7: Disappointing. Maybe you only had eyes for XRP this whole year and missed everything going on around you. A distinctly forgettable display. Give yourself a jab in the eye with your thumb and a glass of cold gravy.

0-4: I mean, do you even know what cryptocurrency is? Were you alive in 2020? Even the turkey knows more about crypto in 2020 than you. This dismal display earns you a left hook from Santa and a stocking full of coal.

Thanks for Playing

Thanks for trying your hand at the The FullyCrypto 2020 Christmas Crypto Quiz. We hope that 2021 is an equally memorable year, and that anyone who achieved less than perfect 15 uses the opportunity to up their score next year!