Terbine and Flash Labs Using Blockchain to Secure Smart City Data

Reading Time: 2 minutes
  • A smart city will obtain and transfer a ton of data every second
  • Terbine and Flash Labs are teaming up to use blockchain technology to secure data inside a smart city
  • Blockchain tech will allow the data to become more reliable and allow devices inside a smart city to take better action based on data knowing it’s reliable

Smart cities are looking more and more like they’re going to be the future. Imagine massive cities jam-packed with interconnected devices that provide a seamless experience, whether you’re waiting for a bus, train or simply riding in your car on auto pilot mode. Owing to their nature, smart cities will collect a crazy amount of data, and sharing this data between IoT and other smart devices inside the smart city will be critical for its success.

But, how can we trust the data that is sent between devices. Perhaps there are faulty devices on the network causing chaos, or perhaps there’s something more sinister afoot. To combat this, Terbine and Flash Labs are teaming up to use blockchain technology to secure smart city data and ensure smart cities run as smoothly as possible.

Trustworthy Data Sources

Blockchain technology has long been used as a way to validate identity and reliability of information. Its widespread use in the logistics industry has proven just how valuable this technology can be, so it only makes sense to deploy it in a city that’s designed to make human lives as easy as possible.

The partnership will allow data to pass between municipal and commercial clients with a whole new level of trust and control. Thanks to blockchain technology, the data collected and transmitted will be traceable back to its originating source, making life in a smart city safer and more secure.

Next Level Smart Cities

Terbine specializes in creating applications for smart cities that allow municipal devices to interact with one another, much in the same way we see train dispatchers at large train stations or air traffic controllers. By facilitating the path of data into devices in the smart city, Terbine helps to create smart cities that are incredibly efficient.

On the other side of the partnership, Flash Labs has the knowledge and expertise to integrate public blockchains into applications. By merging the very best public blockchains with private blockchains and Terbine’s incredible smart city applications, we can expect to see ultra-secure and reliable data sent between devices in the cities, making life better for everyone.

Another Win for Blockchain

This is yet another huge win for blockchain technology. A potential for millions of real-world use cases, just around the corner. Sooner or later, all cities will transition to smart cities and it’s pioneering technology like this that will make these cities more efficient and better for humans.