Teacher in China Fired for Mining Ethereum

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Everyone wants to get their hands on cryptos right now, and some people are willing to go to extra lengths to do so. A teacher in China went as far as installing his own mining machines in a school to mine Ethereum. Allegedly, the teacher had been mining cryptos at home, but his power bills were negating the profits he was making. This led him to concoct the brilliant plan of moving his kit into his school and using their electricity. He managed to get away with it for around two years, but eventually other teachers caught on to his side hustle and reported it to higher command.

Mining Cryptos in School Becoming Popular

In many countries around the world, schools are given free access to power. This has provided teachers and students alike with the brilliant idea to mine cryptos secretly. In America, thousands of students are using the free electricity to mine cryptos to help pay for tuition – who else wishes they thought of this while they were at university?

China Battling Cryptos

The teacher involved probably wouldn’t have suffered such a terrible ending to his career had he been caught mining cryptos in the west. Unfortunately, China has a strong anti-crypto stance and it recently banned all commercial crypto activity. There is a good chance that this stance from the government forced the school to fire the teacher – after all, they could have split the profits otherwise.

Québec Standing Out for Miners

Low-cost power is the holy grail for crypto miners, and free power from schools is the crypto mining jackpot. While power isn’t free in Québec, it’s quickly starting to look like the perfect place to mine cryptos. Thanks to a crypto-friendly government, ample hydroelectric dams and millions of liters of natural gas, mining cryptos in Québec is quickly becoming both feasible and popular.

Father and Son Ethereum Miners

Sergey Brin – Google co-founder – and his son have been hard at work mining Ethereum as a side project. Brin has been mining Ethereum with his 10-year-old son for a while now and has no plans to stop. Father and son projects like this help influence the next generation of crypto users and miners – plus it’s a fun activity for a rainy day. Despite the fact Vitalik looks set to leave the Ethereum Foundation, Brin and his son are still going strong.
While firing the teacher for stealing resources was probably a bit extreme, given China’s anti-crypto stance it’s understandable. There is a good chance that there are thousands of schools around the world secretly mining cryptos and it’s only a matter of time before those involved also get caught.