Taipei University and Tether Partner to Boost Blockchain Skills

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  • Tether has partnered with the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) to support blockchain education
  • The collaboration is meant to offer students “practical skills” in blockchain technology
  • Tether will also use the opportunity to market its stablecoin USDT and other popular cryptocurrencies

A few days after launching the “Alloy” platform to fuse the reliability of gold with stablecoins, Tether has collaborated with the National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) to educate students on blockchain technology and also offer them practical interactions with the technology. The partnership will see Tether use its expertise in the field to educate the university’s students about its stablecoin USDT, Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies, a mode that will help demystify the complexity of blockchain technology.

From the Basics to Critical Thinking

Tether will build on NTUT’s existing course materials on blockchain. The combined efforts between the two entities will see students learn the basics of blockchain and virtual currencies. It will also cover other areas such as risk awareness, investment principles, regulations and “critical thinking [blockchain] development.”

Tether CEO Paolo Ardoino noted that the company’s intentions to educate students through its “Blockchain & Digital Asset” initiative aligns with the visions of learning institutions looking to make Taiwan a blockchain hub by offering the necessary skills to students.

The USDT developer disclosed that more learning institutions are interested in being part of the Blockchain & Digital Asset program to give their students a heads up “in this rapidly evolving field.”

Tethers Ventures into AI and Bitcoin Mining

The partnership adds to Tether’s attempts to expand beyond the stablecoin business. Three months ago, for example, it disclosed plans to venture into artificial intelligence (AI) to rival tech heavyweights. Tether has also announced plans to enter the Bitcoin mining scene.

The collaboration comes four days after South Korea partnered with a local university to train metaverse experts and a month after another Korean university partnered with LG to launch a metaverse campus.

With Tether and learning institutions offering courses on blockchain and cryptocurrency, it’s to be seen whether it will birth new academic-inspired decentralized networks.