Scammers Create Fake Bakkt Website to Steal Bitcoin

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Scammers are everywhere, and there is no exception when it comes to the crypto world. Looking to cash in on unsavvy internet users and crypto traders, scammers have set up a website designed to look exactly like the new Bakkt website and steal your money. However, these scammers cut so many corners in their fake Bakkt website that if you fall for the scam, then you probably deserve it. This type of scam is fairly common, but most of them are more professional than this particular operation.

Poor English and Grammar is the Key Giveaway

Unfortunately, so many scammers out there seem to struggle with the English language. This leads many scams to be so obvious they fail to work at all. After putting in the effort to clone the product, you would think the scammers would invest in an English copywriter. The content on the fake Bakkt website is littered with grammatical errors and spelling mistakes that even a 12-year-old could pick up on.

Bakkt is Coming Very Soon

While the fake version of Bakkt is already down from the internet, many are wondering when the real deal will go live. It was slated for a January 24th launch, but due to regulatory issues, Bakkt had to delay its official launch once again. On the back of the bad news, the price of Bitcoin slid even further. However, as the US government resumes operation, regulators are quickly getting back to work and we should see the official version of Bakkt live by the middle of the year.

Scammers Everywhere You Look

Unfortunately, scammers are looking to make a quick buck in almost every walk of life. Monex has recently had a scammer claim it’s a partner platform that will trade cryptos automatically for you and help you turn a huge profit. Monex came out and slammed it as a scam, but there is no doubt that the scammers picked up a few thousand dollars. On top of this, Korbit has issued a warning on its home page urging traders to be very careful and report anything suspicious. The warning reminds users to only send Bitcoin to an address that is definitely belonging to Korbit.
The Bakkkt rip-off website is very clearly the work of an amateur, but for someone with no technical experience or that is new to the web, this could be seen as a plausible site. The best way to ensure you don’t fall for these scams is to read the text carefully and triple check the URL is the same as the official website – check social media and large news outlets. Stay safe out there, the crypto world is still very much like the wild west in 2019.