Sam Altman Still Heading Up Worldcoin

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  • Sam Altman remains dedicated to Worldcoin amid ongoing turmoil related to his position at OpenAI, according to the company
  • Despite controversies affecting OpenAI, Altman, Worldcoin’s co-founder, and chairman, is actively engaged in advancing Worldcoin’s potential and rollout
  • His commitment persists, despite negotiating a return to OpenAI, signaling a continued focus on Worldcoin’s success

Sam Altman is still committed to Worldcoin, despite the chaos surrounding his position with OpenAI. Altman, who is the co-founder and chairman of Worldcoin’s owner Tools For Humanity, has been grabbing headlines this week with his back-and-forth over his role at OpenAI, actions which have impacted the value of Worldcoin’s WLD token and led to questions over his dedication to the project in the midst of his job woes. However, according to Techcrunch, Altman is still fully focused on the potential and the rollout of Worldcoin, even as he negotiated a stunning return to OpenAI.

Altman Merrygoround Affecting Worldcoin

Altman’s actions over the past week have dominated Silicon Valley and beyond: on Friday, Altman was fired from OpenAI, by Monday he had a new job with Microsoft, and today he is in talks to return to OpenAI. Throughout all this, the WLD token has fluctuated between $1.83 and $2.72.

There were concerns in some quarters that Altman’s eye would be off Worldcoin, but Techcrunch cites a source as being confident that he is still committed to the project, saying that Altman maintains “consistent and valuable” engagement with Tools for Humanity and “that is not expected to change.”

The Worldcoin Foundation added that “Proof of personhood is becoming increasingly important in the rapidly advancing age of AI,” and that the Worldcoin team is still focused on the project’s mission of “building a more human internet and a more accessible global economy through World ID, a privacy-enhancing way to verify humanness and uniqueness online.”