Ravencoin Use Cases Exploding Thanks to Superior Technology

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  • Ravencoin has a wide range of real world use cases thanks to its superior blockchain technology
  • Companies such as Medici Ventures, Vinsent Wine and Corviato are already using Ravencoin’s blockchain
  • The use cases continue to grow for Ravencoin and its popularity is still soaring

There are thousands of blockchain networks out there, but many of them only have hypothetical use cases, which isn’t great, especially as an investor. But one blockchain network that’s looking to shake up that stereotype has dozens of real-world, live use cases that you can see and use for yourself – how perfect is that! Until now, Ravencoin has been used for security transfers, product tracking, art, decentralized apps, and more!

What’s more, there are several (start-up) companies preparing to use Ravencoin!

Ravencoin’s flexible and versatile blockchain network is being used by some of the biggest names in the blockchain world, including Medici Ventures, Vinsent Wine and Corviato.

Over 20 Live Use Cases

Ravencoin is a fork of Bitcoin and launched back in 2018, making it just over two years old. For most blockchains that are two years old, there are less than five live use cases, few of which can rival the potential and range that you can find on the Ravencoin blockchain network.

The high-flying Medici Ventures used the Ravencoin blockchain network back in late 2018 to complete a $3.6 million securities token transfer. Medici Ventures is the blockchain firm owned by Overstock.com and is changing the Wyoming land registry scene for the betterment of the state.

In fact, Medici Ventures has played another key role in the use of the Ravencoin blockchain thanks to Vinsent Wines. Medici is an investor in Vincent Wines, a blockchain-based mobile app that connects consumers directly to wineries.

Vinsent Wines sells wine futures to consumers using the blockchain based app, allowing end consumers to buy premium wines with a massive discount. This amazing application cuts out the middlemen that often take hundreds of dollars worth of commission for doing the very same thing. This is all thanks to the Ravencoin blockchain network.

This is an exciting alternative way for blockchain to help the wine industry. Previously we’ve seen blockchains such as VeChain allowing consumers to track their wine via blockchain tech. This is also something that Vinsent wines has in the pipeline thanks to Ravencoin.

On the other end of the scale, you’ve got the likes of Corviato with their world first fully anonymous and decentralized chat application running on the IPFS. This powerful chat app allows anyone to use the IPFS system to chat, and runs its own coin on the Ravencoin network.

Use Cases are the Future of Networks

Without use cases and daily active users, blockchain networks are nothing but husks of potential. Fortunately, Ravencoin has mastered the tools of the trade and so many amazing companies and projects are actively building on the network, complimenting the massive range that are already using the Ravencoin blockchain.

Can I Take Part?

Creating your own apps, projects and tokens on top of the Ravencoin is super easy. It takes just a few clicks of the mouse to create your own digital assets and tokens on the Ravencoin network, allowing you to add digital files and documents using IPFS. Featuring ASIC resistant mining, issuance and tradable digital assets and a one minute block time, the Ravencoin blockchain has all the qualities of a powerful and scalable blockchain network!

Best of all, you can get your hands on your very own RVN tokens by heading on over to changeangel. Whenever you swap your coins into RVN, Ravencoin will receive a portion of the fees from the transaction, helping this amazing blockchain network continue its impressive growth and development!