Polygon Exec – NFT and Web 3.0 Future Isn’t in “JPEGs”

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Polygon Studios executive Brian Trunzo has clarified that Web 3.0 and NFTs are more than a bunch of still images in JPEG format

Trunzo is also impressed by notable names joining the metaverse

The Polygon Studios executive does believe visual graphics in the metaverse need to improve

Polygon Studios’ Head of Metaverse, Brian Trunzo, has said that he views the future of Web 3.0 and NFTs as more than a bunch of JPEG images with an easy-to-download feature. Speaking at the Chainlink SmartCon 2022 conference, Trunzo was excited by notable brands joining the metaverse and Web 3.0. However, the executive added that he doesn’t see a need to improve visual graphics in the virtual world just yet.

Only Skeptics See JPEGs and NFTs as Similar

Trunzo observed that the measure of whether Web 3.0 has reached mainstream adoption is when people concentrate more on the products and not the technological jargon. He also disagreed with the naysayers who think JPEGs form the base for NFTs. According to Trunzo, the skeptics are yet to grasp the building blocks of Web 3.0.

The Polygon Studios executive sees NFTs forming a technology platform rather than just being collectibles. According to him, Web 3.0 will be weighed against “gamification” where users can engage with both the virtual and physical worlds but without the usual Decentraland-like setting.

Convert In-game Progress into NFT

Trunzo also sees Web 3.0 storming into the digital fashion space. For him, the need to prove one’s digital prowess and vanity will be among the top needs for those in the metaverse fashion world.

When it comes to NFT gaming, the executive expects gamers to embrace virtual in-game items in the future. Trunzo painted a picture of NFT games allowing players to convert their progress and in-game privileges into tradeable NFTs. However, he expects developers to show Web 3.0 games in different shapes sizes when it comes to graphics intensity.