Poly Network Hacker Offered Security Job With Project

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  • The Poly Network hacker has been offered a job with the project as an incentive for them returning the $600 million they stole from the platform
  • The hacker has publicly stated their intention to hand the money back but has not yet done so
  • Poly Network is rolling out all the stops in order to keep the hacker onside

The Poly Network hacker, who exploited the platform for $600 million before promising to hand it back, has been offered a job with the project. In an update posted yesterday, the Poly Network team appealed to the hacker, who is yet to hand over the private keys associated with the wallet to which the funds were sent, and offered him the role of Chief Security Advisor in the hope of retaining his services. In a further demonstration of their desire to keep the hacker onside they also reaffirmed their decision to not hold them legally responsible for the theft of the funds.

Hacker Still Has Wallet Keys

The Poly Network was hacked last week when $600 million worth of various cryptocurrencies was stolen from the cross-platform network. The hacker stated their intention to return the funds and put the incident down to experience, but as we revealed yesterday the hacker is yet to reveal the key to the wallet containing the funds.

Clearly desirous of keeping negotiations going, Poly Network sweetened the deal yesterday, reiterating their deal with Mr White Hat that they no longer intend to speak to the authorities about the hack and offering the hacker a post as Chief Security Advisor. The update stated that the Poly Network team are still “confident that Mr. White Hat will promptly return full control of the assets to Poly Network and its users”, adding that they are “grateful for Mr. White Hat’s outstanding contribution to Poly Network’s security enhancements.”

Poly Network Bends Over Backward to Appease Hacker

The hacker initially turned down Poly Network’s offer of a $500,000 bounty but the update stated that the money will be sent anyway for the hacker to use at their own discretion. Clearly the Poly Network team is concerned about the lack of continued cooperation from the hacker and is doing everything in their power to ensure that the $600 million comes back. You can almost see the gritted teeth and worry lines behind the apparent confidence that they will get their money back.