Ontier Law Ridiculed For Craig Wright Lawsuit

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  • Ontier Law has been ridiculed for their latest attempt to help Craig Wright prove he created Bitcoin
  • Ontier has filed suit against another 16 Bitcoin developers in an attempt to rewind the Bitcoin blockchain
  • Wright claims he was hacked in February 2020, but the facts don’t bear this out

Ontier Law, the company representing Craig Wright, has been ridiculed for stepping up its legal challenge against a cabal of Bitcoin developers who it claims have a legal duty to return billions of dollars’ worth of bitcoin to the Bitcoin SV founder. Ontier, who initially wrote to the developers last year demanding the return of 110,000 Wright claims was stolen from him in February 2020, has now taken the next step down the legal path in its attempt to force them to rewind the Bitcoin blockchain to the time of the alleged theft. However, this theft is also under suspicion for a number of reasons, with facts coming out since that dispute Wright’s statement of events.

Ontier Demands That Developers Wind the Clock Back

Ontier’s latest letter, which is presented with scant disregard for formatting norms such as spaces between paragraphs, reasserts their belief that “Dr Wright is the inventor of Bitcoin” and demands that the developers “enable TTL (Wright’s company) to regain access to and control of its Bitcoin on the grounds that they, the developers, owe Bitcoin owners both tortious and fiduciary duties under English law as a result of the high level of power and control they hold over their respective blockchains.”

The Ontier letter argues that the developers have “failed to apply themselves to addressing the issue” in the letters sent last year, and as a result the developers have now been served legal papers.

Wright’s Theft Story Doesn’t Stack Up

Wright claims that his bitcoin was stolen when a person or persons unknown broke into his house and planted a pineapple, a device that can be used to hack into networks, which they utilized to hack into his home Wi-Fi and steal the hoard. Wright claimed that this was done during a power outage and that as a result alarm company ADT, whose equipment monitored his house, lost the relevant records.

However, some familiar with the matter suggested that that pineapple devices are not Wi-Fi-enabled so couldn’t have been used in this manner, while ADT tweeted that no such outage occurred at the time, rendering Wright’s reasoning, once more, logically flawed:

Calvin Ayre Continues to Foot the Bill

The response to the letter was in equal parts amusing and reassuring, with almost nobody taking Ontier and Wright’s side in the matter:

Wright’s desperation to be recognized as Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto has been well documented, indeed his entire career now rests on it, and Ontier is more than happy to take BSV sugar daddy Calvin Ayre’s money in pursuit of this spurious goal. Wright may think that by forcing the issue legally he is getting closer to being crowned Satoshi Nakamoto, but the fact is that every step he takes down this road of legal enforcement puts him another step further from the ideology of Bitcoin’s pseudonymous creator, who famously valued privacy and was fearful of the limelight.