'Entourage' Actor to Direct and Star in TV Show About Crypto

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Those who were holding crypto during the 2017 bull run may have felt like they were living in a fictional world, as their portfolios jumped 100% overnight. Now, the tumultuous world of cryptocurrency is coming to the small screen. Kevin Connolly, one of the stars of the 2015 movie ‘Entourage’, is set to feature in a TV series centered around the wild and fast-moving world of digital assets. The show, currently given the title ‘Cryptos’, is in development and will apparently aim to both entertain and inform the public on the often intangible subject of blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Educate and Entertain

According to the show’s website, Cryptos will be set during the recent boom and focuses on a group of young filmmakers looking to get funding for their project:
“Cryptos” is a scripted prime-time television series taking place in the midst of the global cryptocurrency phenomena that showcases how blockchain technology is revolutionizing the world around us. This comedic drama follows five young filmmakers as they discover how blockchain technology can be used to help finance their film and TV projects outside of the traditional network system.
Connolly surprised the audience at the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami on Thursday by revealing his involvement in the project, announcing that he would both star in and direct the show. Seemingly aware of at least the basic workings of cryptocurrency, Connolly went on to state his belief that regular people are interested in owning and trading cryptocurrency, but due to lack of understanding and fear of the volatile market they stay away. It can be hoped then that the educational aspect of the show will help break down some of these boundaries.

Thumbs Down from Crypto Crowd

Social media reaction was a combination of confusion and dread, with many simply wanting the idea to die. Others put forward their own sarcastic ideas of how the show could look, while some went as far as designing their own posters. In general however the sentiment was not positive, and it seems that Connolly and his crew are going to have to pull something spectacular out of the hat if they are to win over a skeptical crowd.