North Korea Issuing Visas on Ethereum Blockchain Network

Reading Time: 2 minutes

North Korea is no stranger to the cryptocurrency and blockchain world, being held responsible for multiple Bitcoin ransom attacks in recent times. However, it looks as if a group of dissidents has plans for the nation that involve using this technology for good in the coming years. A group called the Cheollima Civil Defence (CCD) is planning on freeing North Korea from the reign of Kim Jong Un and creating a new nation called Free Joseon. In order to get into Free Joseon, you will need a visa – of course – and it will be based on the Ethereum Blockchain. It might seem like a crazy plan, but there is a certain method behind the madness.

ERC-721 Visas

CCD visas to enter Free Joseon are currently up for sale in the ERC-721 marketplace for just 1 ETH each. Each visa has a unique number on it that increases in ascending order – starting at 1 and increasing to 200,000. This numbering system ensures that no forgeries or duplicates can ever be made and essentially secures the Free Joseon tourism sector from fraudsters. These ERC-712 visas are simply tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, but are being called G-VISA. Each visa gives its holder 45 days in Free Joseon with a single entry, but holders can buy multiple visas to enter more than once or stay longer than 45 days.

Just in Time for the Blockchain Conference

If CCD hurries up and creates Free Joseon in a couple of months, you will be able to use your G-VISA to attend the first North Korean blockchain conference. There is an epic lineup of speakers including Kim Jong Un himself – a rousing speech that you likely won’t want to miss. North Korea has been looking to clean up its image in the past few months, and it’s hoping that by delving into the blockchain world it will manage to do so. Unfortunately, groups like the CCD jeopardize this and could lead to the North Korean blockchain summit being cancelled.

No Free Joseon on the Horizon

While you can spend 1ETH and get your hands on an ERC-721 G-VISA, but it would be a massive waste of your money. The CCD is very unlikely to ever topple the regime without obliterating the country – meaning your visa will gain you entry into a barren wasteland. The G-VISA is valid until 2029, but we can’t see the CCD ever fulfilling its promise – so spend your ETH on something more useful.

For now, the G-VISA looks like a money grab attempt from an idealistic regime, and there is no way that it will ever succeed in its goal. While it might be tempting to get your hands on a G-VISA just in case, we can’t promise you that you will ever be able to use it. The idea of blockchain-based visas could catch on, and for that the CCD will have changed the world as we know it – no more stickers and stamps in your passport!