Hic et Nunc Handed Over to Community After Sudden Disappearance

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  • The mystery over the closure of Hic et Nunc has been solved
  • The Tezos NFT platform was closed down by its creator Rafael Lima with no explanation
  • Lima seems to have had enough and has handed control over to the community, who will turn it into a DAO

The mystery surrounding the unannounced closure of Tezos’ NFT hub Hic et Nunc last week may have been sold after founder Rafael Lima handed over control to the Tezos community and stepped away from the project. On Thursday the Hic et Nunc website suddenly went offline which was followed by the project’s Twitter bio changing to ‘discontinued’ and its smart contract address being tweeted out. Confusion reigned until yesterday when the issue was seemingly resolved, with Lima walking away and ceding control to a newly-formed DAO.

Hic et Nunc Saw Huge Early Adoption

Hic et Nunc launched in March and seemed to have proved popular, with its daily users surpassing that of NFT giant OpenSea in May at the height of the NFT boom. However, something seems to have gone wrong at the helm of the project, with the project’s Twitter bio changing to ‘discontinued’ and its smart contract being tweeted out as the project went dead.
No one knew what was going on until Sunday, when the Hic et Nunc community tweeted out that it had been in touch with Lima who had agreed to hand over control of the project to the Tezos community:

DAO Working “Towards a New H=N Version”

The community notes state nothing more than that Lima “decided to shut down the Hic et Nunc website”, but reiterates that all assets are safe and that the community wants to turn the project into a DAO and work “towards a new H=N version”. While platform users will have been initially dismayed by the closure of Hic et Nunc (which is Latin for ‘here and now’), they will be relieved that their NFTs are safe and that the project should continue in good hands.