LightningHood is Making Using Crypto Easier Than Ever Before

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Actually using cryptocurrencies for their intended purpose isn’t always the easiest, most people will be all too aware of this. One of the biggest reasons behind this is the world isn’t consumer friendly – it was built by developers not UI designers. To help combat this, LightningHood is creating an extensive resource list full of information that you can use to get you started and become a Lightning Network and Bitcoin pro.

Start Dabbling with Crypto Payments

LightningHood’s huge collection of guides, tips, and tricks covers the entire skill level spectrum. Whether you’re a total novice looking to get your feet wet or you’re a seasoned pro, you will find something for you. The team behind the project simply wants to help push mass adoption, showing people how easy it is to make payments and use the lightning network.

Play Awesome Lightning Games

If you just want to have some fun with your Bitcoin, LightningHood even has a list of games you can play that use the lightning network. One you don’t want to miss out is Poketoshi. It’s a remastered version of the classic Pokémon game and lets users spend satoshis in order to move the character. LightningHood will introduce you to a new world of gaming, so be prepared to spend hours having fun playing your favorite games via the lightning network.

Running Your Own Node

If you want to get your hands on your own node, LightningHood will help guide you through the process. Running your own node can be highly rewarding, as you will earn passive income with very little effort on your part. While nodes are a bit technical and often complex to set up, they are great fun to have and it supports the future growth of the network.

Supporters of BTCPay

The team behind LightningHood are strong advocates for the BTCPay lightning network integration, and for a good reason. It’s incredibly simple to use and packs a powerful punch when it comes to handling lightning network transactions. It will direct your payments through the best channels, saving you a large chunk of satoshis in fees. If you want to start accepting Bitcoin in your business, BTCPay’s lightning network integration is a great place to start.
LightningHood are rock stars of the crypto world. While there is a wealth of information about the industry out there, it’s often full of technical jargon and is poorly categorized – meaning it’s hard to both find and understand. This project aims to make the crypto world simple and easy to use, so our hats are certainly off to the LightningHood team for their educational efforts.