New Ethereum Documentary to Feature Vitalik Buterin

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  • “Ethereum: The Infinite Garden” is a new documentary aiming to deliver the first feature-length documentary about Ethereum.
  • The documentary will feature Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.
  • The documentary intends to raise 750 ETH through the crypto crowdfunding site Mirror.

The new Ethereum documentary, Ethereum: The Infinite Garden, aims to deliver the first feature-length documentary regarding Ethereum and its story. The documentary will conduct interviews with a number of entities associated with the development of the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

Among the more prominent individuals, the documentary will feature Vitalik Buterin, the Ethereum co-founder, and Aya Miyaguchi, executive director at the Ethereum Foundation.

The award-winning documentary & impact filmmaker firm Optimist is producing the documentary, with Carrie Weprin, the co-founder of Once in a Blue, as producer. The documentary is striving to raise 750 ETH (equivalent to around $1.5 million in the current price rates) through the crypto crowdfunding site Mirror.

To further incentivize the Ethereum community to take part in the fundraising, the film production company has allocated several benefits to top contributors. The entity that contributes the most will receive the “Executive Producer” credit in the film, with the second and third places receiving “Co-Executive Producer” and “Contributing Producer” credits, respectively.

Zach Ingrasci, co-director of the documentary, stated:

“I think it’s so exciting that a DAO [decentralized autonomous organization] could be our executive producer. That would be the first time that’s ever happened for a film. For sure the executive producer will be someone from the community. This is why we wanted to involve the community as early as possible.”

Morgan Beller, a co-creator of the proposed Libra digital currency, has ostensibly linked the Optimist team to Buterin. “I’ve always thought Buterin deserved to have his story out there. The whole Ethereum team is just so pure, authentic, kind and wonderful,” she stated.

Ethereum: The Infinite Garden

What makes Ethereum all different from thousands of other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin is its technology. Ethereum is like a garden, a decentralized one with the soil, plants, and opportunities for everyone to build and grow their own fruits and products.

Some have even come to believe that Ethereum is the best-suited platform for the “back end” of the decentralized internet (Web 3.0). While that would become clear in the future, what we already know is that Ethereum is home to an entire financial ecosystem — i.e. Decentralized Finance (DeFi).

Moreover, ETH, the native crypto token of the Ethereum network, is currently believed to be the most capital-efficient asset in the entire world. Despite being a bold claim, it is not much far from the truth. DeFi, with approximately 3 million users, would become “Fi” without Ethereum as almost all projects drastically rely on Ether for providing liquidity, using it as collateral, and even it is an inseparable part of every trading pair.