Rolex-wearing Ben Armstrong Pleads for Legal Fund Donations

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  • Ben Armstrong, the former figurehead of the BitBoy Crypto empire, has pleaded for donations for a legal fund to try and get his brand back
  • Armstrong claims he was unfairly ousted and said that his ‘life has been on the line’ in recent weeks
  • The shameless crypto shill, who has posed with a Lamborghini and luxury clothes, is seeking his followers’ financial assistance for a legal battle

Ben Armstrong, the former figurehead of the BitBoy Crypto empire, has pleaded for donations for a legal fund to try and get his brand back, saying his ‘life has been on the line’ in recent weeks. Armstrong, whose BitBoy Crypto channel amassed a huge following over the years despite promoting little but dodgy crypto projects and meme coins, famously sued X (then Twitter) user Erling Mengshoel last year for libel and then mocked him for asking for donations to fight the legal battle. The reaction to Armstrong’s appeal has been savage, with one observer pointing out that in a video to accompany his pivot away from the BitBoy Crypto he was wearing a Rolex watch.

Fighting in the Crypto Dirt

Armstrong revealed that he had been ousted from his own company, Hit Media, in August, with the company citing a “relapse into substance abuse” as well as the “emotional, physical and financial damage he has done to the employees of Hit network & the Bitboy Crypto community.”

Armstrong has since called the ousting a coup and has now accused the two individuals who have taken the reins, presenter Justin Williams and Hit Network CEO TJ Shedd, of taking all his money as well as his brand.

As a result, Armstrong has publicly divorced himself from the BitBoy Crypto brand while at the same time asking for money to get it back. The incredible request was prefaced in an X video by Armstrong saying said his life was in danger following death threats:

In an X thread following the video, Armstrong said he would reveal all today on his new channel, Ben Armstrong Crypto (just what the world needs), but gave a flavor of what’s to come:

In the thread Armstrong detailed the legal back and forth, promising that ‘The truth will come out.’

X Awash With Schadenfreude

The response from the crypto community to a grifter who promised to make people rich by following his advice now begging for money went down as well as could be expected:

One of those who took the greatest pleasure in Armstrong’s fall from grace was Mengshoel, who reminded him of how the former BitBoy Crypto host had treated him:

There were also reminders of how Armstrong used the money he made from shilling the worst kind of crypto trash:

It seems, then, that BitBoy crypto will have to start selling his luxury cars, pyjamas and watches before he will be able to fight the good fight and get his brand back.