Dave Portnoy Sets Bitcoin Date With Winklevoss Twins

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  • Dave Portnoy, Barstool Sports founder, has invited the Winklevoss twins to explain Bitcoin to him
  • Portnoy has shown a disinclination to buy Bitcoin because he doesn’t understand it
  • The meeting is conditional on the twins wearing their rowing suits, which they have accepted

Dave Portnoy, the millionaire founder of Barstool Sports, has invited the Winklevoss twins to show him how Bitcoin works after years of refusing to engage with the cryptocurrency. Portnoy, who has gained notoriety since the coronavirus shutdown by swapping sports commentary and opinion for stock trading, has regularly complained about the complexity of Bitcoin after first investing in late 2017. However, a deal now seems to have been struck after Portnoy invited the Gemini founders to his house in order to show him how it works, and they accepted.

Portnoy Labelled Bitcoin a Scam

Portnoy, also known as Davey Day Trader on Twitter, first publicly commented on Bitcoin in November 2017 when he said he had bought in, even though he didn’t understand what it was or how it worked:

Portnoy has not commented since on his Bitcoin holdings, preferring to trade traditional stocks instead, although in June 2020 he re-tweeted his 2017 video in response to “everybody trying to get me in the Bitcoin game”, seemingly suggesting he still wanted nothing to do with it, although his did praise the Winklevoss twins (who he previously accused of being “behind the whole thing”), saying “I like you even though I think you and your brother are robots.”

The pressure to get into Bitcoin has seemingly not relented however, with Portnoy touching on the subject again on Monday:

Winklevoss Twins Ready to Educate

Portnoy addressed Bitcoin again yesterday, saying in a typically rambling monologue that he might be interested in buying Bitcoin again if the Winklevoss twins came to his house to show him how to do it, although “they have to wear their rowing outfits”.

Portnoy’s request was met with a quick response from the Gemini founders:

It seems then that Dave Portnoy and his legion of fans are about to get a Bitcoin lesson from two of the biggest advocates in the business – and in rowing gear too. Better hope the heating is on.