Michael Patryn Rinsing Millions From Wonderland Treasury?

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  • Michael Patryn looks to have started draining the Wonderland treasury just days after being unmasked
  • Patryn, a convicted fraudster, was found out to be Wonderland treasurer @0xSifu
  • Over $3 million worth of ETH has been moved from the Wonderland treasury to an Ethereum mixer

Michael Patryn has seemingly begun washing ETH from the Wonderland treasury just days after he was voted out by the community. An alert from the Peckshield Twitter account showed a number of hefty ETH withdrawals coming from the Wonderland treasury and being sent to Tornado cash, a decentralized Ethereum mixing service – a treasury that Patryn was in charge of. At the time of writing, 11 transactions each containing 100 ETH have been sent to Tornado Cash, equating to over $3 million.

Wonderland Saga Keeps Writing New Chapters

The Wonderland saga started last week when Patryn was unmasked as the Wonderland treasurer, which was followed by the revelation that Wonderland, Popsicle, and Abracadabra founder Daniele Sestagalli knew about the identity of the project’s treasurer a month ago but did not inform the community.

The Wonderland community took a dim view of Patryn’s position and Sestagalli’s decision not to inform the community and voted Patryn out of his position last Friday. Over the weekend Wonderland survived a winding up vote, but Sestagalli had already admitted that Wonderland was dead in its current form.

Millions in ETH Has Left Treasury

The ultimate insult has now played out however as Patryn has seemingly done exactly what everyone was worried he would do and has run with the funds:

ETH is leaving the Wonderland treasury in 100 ETH packets, with 1,100 packets so far mixed with Tornado cash before, presumably, making their way to Patryn’s personal wallet. This eventuality was not lost on the community:

Sestagalli has yet to comment on the draining of the Wonderland treasury by the convicted fraudster he neglected to tell the community he had hired, but whatever he says will not calm the Wonderland investors who are out of pocket because of the whole saga.