Mexican Senator: “We Need Bitcoin to Be Legal Tender In Mexico”

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  • Mexican Senator Indira Kempis intends to have Bitcoin adopted as legal tender in Mexico
  • Kempis plans to file a motion this year to follow in the steps of El Salvador
  • The senator said she sees Bitcoin as a path to financial inclusion

A Mexican senator has stated her intention to file a Bitcoin adoption bill in the country this year, claiming that “we need Bitcoin to be legal tender in Mexico”. Indira Kempis, Senator for the State of Nuevo León, told website El Salvador in English that Mexico should follow El Salvador in adopting Bitcoin, citing the cryptocurrency as “a path” to financial global inclusion.

Kempis to “Promote” Bitcoin Adoption in Parliament

Kempis told El Salvador in English how she had been exposed to the benefits of Bitcoin in recent years and that she now understood its potential benefits to those who have difficulties engaging with the traditional financial system:

I have surrounded myself with several people who have worked with bitcoin for years. I have a community of entrepreneurs, of technologists and of friends who are very knowledgeable and have told me for a long time, ‘you have to be…part of this world’. And now that I am participating in politics, I seek to promote it.

El Salvador is a “Laboratory” for Development

Kempis stated that she now realized how “this type of technology is allowing us to generate an alternative, a path, a solution so that millions of people can be included in the financial system”, adding that as a result of adopting Bitcoin and working with it on a daily basis, El Salvador was becoming what the website called a “laboratory” for fintech development.

Most importantly, Kempis stated her aim to present a proposal to the Mexican Congress this year advocating the adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender which will be based on the one approved by the El Salvadoran Congress last year.