Brisbane Breaks New Ground with World’s First Cryptocurrency Airport

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Bitcoin is everywhere in 2018, with it seemingly impacting all forms of industry and business. Not escaping the reaches of the world’s leading cryptocurrency, it appears that air travel is about to be given a Bitcoin boost. Brisbane Airport is already one of Australia’s biggest airports, with it now set to become the world’s first cryptocurrency airport.
The term “cryptocurrency airport” is probably going to raise a few eyebrows, as many won’t have any understanding of what it actually means. In the case of Brisbane Airport, it means that the airport will start working with both international and local brands to get the terminal ready for cryptocurrency use. Moving forward, practically all of the airports coffee shops, restaurants, and stores will accept BTC, ETH, and DASH.

It makes sense to offer a digital currency experience within our terminals. – Roel Hellemons

Considering that Brisbane Airport will be the first of its kind anywhere in the world teething issued are to be expected, as it undertakes a cryptocurrency overhaul. The shift to accepting Bitcoin hasn’t actually come as a surprise though, as Australia’s number of active crypto investors has boomed as of late. Speaking on how Brisbane Airport will become a cryptocurrency friendly airport in the near future, Roel Hellemons (GM of Strategic Planning and Development) said, “Many people around the world have made money investing in cryptocurrencies and a lot of these people travel internationally, so it makes sense to offer a digital currency experience within our terminals.”
Brisbane Airport will work in partnership with leading cryptocurrency payment system TravelbyBit to allow all travellers to buy products digitally within its terminals. This move represents a major step for Australia, as it continues to emerge as cryptocurrency hotbed. Warming up to Bitcoin, it appears that Australia is taking a note out of Japan’s playbook in the way that it embraces cryptocurrency.
China might have banned it, but it appears that Bitcoin is still picking up traction elsewhere in the world. Making travel cryptocurrency friendly, we certainly hope that other major airports follow Brisbane Airport’s lead and start accepting Bitcoin and altcoin payments!