META 1 Scam Decides It Is Better Than Other Top Crypto Projects

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  • The META 1 scam knows no bounds, with the project now issuing reports comparing itself to other crypto projects
  • META 1, which claims to have the world’s fastest blockchain, says it is better than Cardano and Litecoin among others
  • META 1 is in the process of being shuttered by the SEC

META 1 is a project very dear to our hearts, and in many ways it is the gift that keeps on giving. Despite being one of the most obvious scams in the crypto space and being shut down by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the project continues to try and rake in investors’ money through boosting its profile (and selling dodgy merch), and its latest attempt at doing this is through a series of blog posts in which it compares its fictional offerings to many top crypto projects. Amazingly, it never comes off worse, either being better or equal to some of the biggest and best known projects in the space. It’s time we took a closer look.

META 1 – The “Appreciating Stable Coin Secured by Gold Empowering Humanity”

First of all, let’s see what META 1 says about itself:

meta 1

Those are some pretty lofty statements. Behind the scenes, META 1 is backed, apparently, by billions of dollars’ worth of gold and fine art (which no one has ever seen even the receipts for let alone the items themselves) and has the world’s fastest blockchain. Its boardroom contains a shamanic healer, a Celtic mystical journey tour operator, an energy healing master, and an array of people with similar blockchain-related skills and interests. And yet this band of misfits has come together to form the world’s greatest cryptocurrency. Who’d have thought?

Head to Head Battles – Who Will Win?

So just how good is META 1? Thankfully, they allow us to find out through a series of blog posts entitled ‘META 1 Coin Report’. Here, someone on the META 1 team someone completely independent compares META 1 to other big hitters in the crypto space (who the SEC aren’t trying to actively shut down) and guess what…they come out rather well! Here’s a selection of a few of their report summaries.


There are some serious differences between Zilliqa and META that make them both suited for their particular tasks. Zilliqa’s goal is to improve corporate and enterprise adoption by streamlining integration. On the flip side, META is about creating an entirely new economy that is fairer and more profitable than the current corrupt networks in place. As such, these two platforms should be looked at as two sides of the crypto adoption coin rather than actual competition.

Stellar Lumens

Stellar seeks to provide users more control over their finances via its unique protocol. The network was a pioneer in crypto remittance and still remains a popular project. The META 1 Coin demonstrates how far the cryptocurrency concept has come. This all-inclusive ecosystem provides similar services to Stellar and much more.


Swipe was built to provide merchants with a simplistic way to start accepting Cryptocurrencies at their locations. The network serves a vital role in this regard. In comparison, the META 1 coin offers similar services to Swipe but is geared towards users rather than merchants. While both of these projects help drive adoption, META 1 provides a more inclusive DeFi ecosystem when compared to Swipe. However, given Swipe’s success to date, it’s safe to assume both of these projects have a lot of potential moving forward.


META incorporates a full DeFi ecosystem complete with savings accounts and a VISA debit card. Its network was built to free users from the chains of the current system. Uniswap was created to help service the growing Ethereum ecosystem. Consequently, there is plenty of room in the market for both of these projects to thrive.


Interestingly, these two projects have the potential to one day work together. Polkadot’s unique focus on interoperability may be able to leverage the advanced stability and DeFi features of META 1 to create even more investor opportunities. For now, both of these projects hold a lot of potential. Consequently, they are both quality additions to any portfolio.


After reviewing the facts surrounding Litecoin vs META 1 coin, it’s easy to see that META 1 is far more advanced. However, despite its technological advantage, it’s important to remember that Litecoin will always have a following in the market due to its status as one of the originals. As such, you may find it conducive to your plans to hold both of these tokens in your portfolio.


Cardano and META 1 share a lot of characteristics. However, it’s evident that advancements made since Cardano’s launch have improved the overall crypto experience for users. META 1 incorporates these latest upgrades and operates as a pioneer in the market due to its unique technical characteristics which give it an edge over Cardano in terms of functionality and scalability.

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Winner

You really have to marvel at the way that META 1, which has a register-only “decentralized” exchange that, according to the SEC, has no way of converting the META 1 token back to fiat, compares itself so favorably with some of the most popular projects in the market. For the avoidance of doubt, we should assert our opinion that these reports have been created in-house with a single purpose – to further spread the lie that META 1 is anything more than an outright scam.

If anyone at this point is still buying into this coin, or buying their completely unofficial online law courses or associated merchandise (padded sports bra anyone?) then they really, really hate money.