10 Surprising Things You Can Buy With Bitcoin

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The Bitcoin talk is off the charts in 2018. No matter where you turn, you’re going to hear people discussing Bitcoin and what the world’s leading cryptocurrency has to offer. While it’s well known that you can use Bitcoin to buy conventional items – as it’s accepted at the likes of Subway, Overstock, KFC, and, Microsoft – that’s not all that you can buy with a Bitcoin wallet by your side. As Bitcoin continues to boost the cryptocurrency market, more and more retailers are coming around to BTC and what can be gained from accepting it.
Looking well beyond the norm, the following are 10 seriously surprising things that you can buy with Bitcoin!

A Gold Mine

Bitcoin has been nicknamed “Digital Gold”, but did you know that with the right amount of BTC you could actually buy a real-life gold mine? It is one of the most bizarre Bitcoin stories we’ve ever seen here at BitStarz, but there is a literal goldmine up for sale that Bitcoin-enthusiast could buy. Based in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada, it was listed for sale for back in 2014, valued at around $2 million worth of Bitcoins.

Tuition Fees

It has been said that a good education is worth its weight in gold, but it could soon be worth its weight in digital gold. The academic world has finally come around to the cryptocurrency shift, with it certainly being a long overdue move. Many of the world’s leading Universities – including Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts, the University of Cumbria, and the King’s School College – are happy to take BTC payments for tuition fees.

Mammoth Tusks

When it comes to Bitcoin, you’re going to find that it’s been used to buy some pretty controversial items over the years. The ivory trade is banned in most parts of the world and for good reason, but that hasn’t stopped people from using Bitcoin to buy it. Listed in Canada, someone put a genuine mammoth tusk up for sale. The advert states that the item “really ties the room together”, but is it worth 290 BTC? Well, given the nature of the item, that’s probably up for debate.


During its early days, Bitcoin was attached to some murky dealings that took place on the dark web. Thankfully, those days are in the rear-view mirror, as Bitcoin has undertaken something of a public makeover in recent years. Big name brands have opened the door to BTC spenders, which has put the market-leading crypto back on the right path. However, Bitcoin hasn’t been able to leave its past behind entirely. Quite shockingly, you can legally buy firearms with Bitcoin through US-based companies like the Central Texas Gun Works. Allowing you to act on your right to bear arms, if you’re in the US you can use BTC to make sure you remain locked and loaded at all times.

Funeral Services

From fast-food on every corner to drive-thru weddings, the US never ceases to amaze us with its “everything’s bigger” mentality. Taking a darker turn, it looks like death now comes with a Bitcoin-twist. If you happen to find yourself in the need of funeral services and have a healthy amount of Bitcoin to your name, then Crescent Tide Cremation Services in Minnesota can help. Providing an array of bereavement services, you’ll be able to bury (or cremate) your dearly beloved with Bitcoin – as shocking as that sounds.

A Goat

With each additional entry on this list, it appears that we’re heading deeper down the rabbit hole. Try not to laugh, but you can actually buy a goat with Bitcoin. Placed up for sale via BitMit – now known as Coinmart.ca – someone actually listed a goat. Valued at just over 2 BTC back in 2013, we’re not sure how we feel about livestock being exchanged for Bitcoin, but it could very well be the future for all we know.

Fresh Beef

From actual livestock to what eventually becomes of it, apologies to any vegetarians or vegans out there, but buying beef with Bitcoin is now a real possibility. Popularized in Australia – a growing Bitcoin hotbed – Honest Beef has stepped up to bring customers the very best meat that BTC can buy. Delivering fresh beef to your doorstep, if you happen to live in the “Land Down Under” you’ll never be any more than a few clicks away from the best beef deals thanks to Bitcoin.

A Brandy Distillery

Everyone enjoys a little tipple from time to time, but with Bitcoin you can take things to the next level. BitPremier is the leading luxury marketplace where those with big-time BTC accounts can splash the cash. Forgoing the yachts, houses, and other high-end items, it’s actually something alcohol-fueled that caught our eye. What’s up for grabs is a brandy distillery in Nemesvamos, Hungary. Costing 73 BTC, if you would like to distill your very own brandy, then this is the purchase for you.

A Lightsaber

Are you a massive Star Wars fan? If so, BitLasers is a company that has developed something that will bring out your inner Luke Skywalker. The lab has created a laser-based product that needs to be seen to be believed, as they’ve released what is effectively a lightsaber. The laser in question the 445 Nanometer Laser, with a power of up to two watts, this is more than enough to create holes in countless different materials. While it certainly isn’t for kids, this lightsaber is seriously impressive and certainly lets anyone unleash the power of the force.

A Trip to Space

Virgin Galactic has captured the imagination of millions, as it’s working to bring customers commercial space flights. It’s still in its development stage, but that hasn’t stopped thousands of people joining a waiting list to take flight. Considering that many are willing to pay big-bucks to take in a bit of space tourism, Virgin Galactic has made the decision to open the door to Bitcoin payments. Virgin Galactic’s potential is already cutting huge – that much is obvious – but with Bitcoin involved it’s set to reach even greater heights.

Bitcoin can do more than you think!

Here at our Bitcoin casino, we like to think that we know a thing or two about Bitcoin. We’ve sat back and watched the cryptocurrency skyrocket in price, with more and more stores adopting it as a result. However, there is a weird and wonderful side to spending Bitcoin online, as you’ve seen from the list of surprising items above. You can – almost literally – buy anything with Bitcoin, which shows that this cryptocurrency is flexible and fuss-free!