Little Shapes NFT Creator Learns About FTX After Five-month Coma

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  • The owner of the Twitter account belonging to the Little Shapes NFT project has woken from a five-month coma
  • The owner had no idea about FTX’s collapse, and the reaction was priceless
  • Many observers pointed out that the situation represented a meme come to life

The owner of the Twitter account belonging to NFT project Little Shapes, who appears to be the creator, learned yesterday about the collapse of FTX after waking from a five-month coma. The unnamed individual posted about the accident that he suffered back in July but that he was now awake and leaving hospital and ready to continue working on the project. However, he received something of a shock when he went to log into his FTX account.

“What the Fuck Happened?”

The pseudonymous Little Shapes creator posted about his accident and recent recovery yesterday, with his Twitter posting history and hospital photos appearing to back up his story that a car accident back in July left him in a coma. Tweeting a hospital bedside photo, the individual said:

“…just got out of a huge coma. I don’t know what’s been going on since then but we’re coming back harder than ever.”

He was soon to find out however, when he tried to log into his FTX account:

The shock of FTX’s collapse must have been huge, coming as it did in one hit compared to the steamroller that has been trundling along and crushing everything in its path for the past eight weeks for everyone else.

It’s hard to consider FTX as something more than Sam Bankman-Fried’s plaything now, but back in late July it was flying high – it was valued in the tens of billions of dollars (theoretically), had finalized a deal giving it the option to buy troubled lending platform BlockFi for about $240 million, and had already bid for Voyager Digital.

Back then it was unthinkable that just four months later FTX was nothing but smoke and mirrors and that Bankman-Fried would be penniless and facing the rest of his life in prison, with Little Shapes’ subsequent posts illustrating the level of shock:

Some couldn’t help laughing at the realization that the account holder had missed the entire scandal, while others pointed out that a meme had finally come true: