Litenight Rewards Fortnite Players in BTC

Reading Time: 2 minutes

What do you get when you cross Fortnite with Bitcoin’s Lightning Network? That’s right, Lightnite, and it’s coming to a web browser near you. Lightnite takes the best bits of Fortnite (the shooting people, not the dancing, in case you weren’t sure) and Lightning Network’s ability to send instant microtransactions and combines them to create an iteration of Fortnite where players earn BTC by shooting other players and lose BTC when they get shot. This is just one of the features of the game which, in our opinion, makes it a vast improvement on the original, and could help make Bitcoin even more of a household name.

Great Showcase for Lightning Network

Credit for the Lightnite goes to Satoshi’s Games, a development studio that endeavors to spread the word of Bitcoin and unlock the power of microtransactions in order to help build “The Internet of Value”. As well as the headline feature of earning BTC by going on monster killing sprees, other additions include BTC dotted around the game in the form of random items, the ability to purchase in-game items in BTC, and a real-time on-screen wallet that can be cashed out into a personal wallet at any time. And of course, by using Lightning Network for everything, the transactions are instant, no matter how small.

Satoshi’s Games Spreads the Word

Based in Spain, Satoshi’s Games is an impressive setup with fingers not just in the gaming pie but across the blockchain spectrum – they are also developing APItoshi, a lightning-powered development framework which allows smart contracts to sit on top of Lightning Network, and ELIXIR, a cross platform gaming application. They have every intention of going mainstream, with Litenight, their first game, launching soon on Steam, PlayStation, and more, which would offer great exposure for Bitcoin and really showcase Lightning Network. Just don’t feel the need to dance when you bag a kill, please.