LÈON Accused Niklas Yves: You’ve Got the Wrong Man

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The man being accused of being the head of the LÈON crypto scam which saw a fraudulent Bitcoin trader steal millions of dollars in BTC from unsuspecting investors has exclusively told BitStarz News that he is a victim of identity theft. Niklas Yves explained that he has no connection to the scam or the scammer, and in fact has nothing to do with the crypto world in general, yet has received death threats that has forced him to seek police action.

Yves Nightmare Before Christmas

Yves says that the nightmare began just before Christmas when his boss informed Yves that he had been made aware of allegations made by members of a Telegram group that Yves had fleeced them of hundreds of BTC. The accusations were so preposterous that the pair initially laughed it off, but the situation quickly escalated as Yves began receiving abuse through his social media accounts, including “detailed murder threats against my family and myself” from outraged victims. This is despite Yves having never joined any crypto Telegram groups or posted anything relating to crypto on his accounts – in fact only has “a very rudimental [sic] knowledge of the crypto world in general”.

Police Unable to Help

Yves contacted the police but they were largely powerless to act given the disparate nature of the act, leaving Yves and his family to endure a terrifying Christmas. Yves and his boss spent time themselves trying to work out what had happened, concluding that Yves’ identity was stolen through hacked/leaked personal data and presented as the details of the culprit on Telegram and other social media outlets.

Yves Asks Victims to Leave Him Alone

Yves says that he feels “very sorry” for the victims, but has a message to those who took to abusing him:

I also understand that having a culprit presented on a silver platter instantly makes one feel better and that one is just furious, causing insults and threats. Yet, it doesn’t lead to the real criminal getting caught, therefore, I would like to urge everybody who is affected to go to the police and report the crime with every evidence and material you have and let them do their job instead of threatening my family and me.

Yves says that things have “cooled off a little” since the trouble erupted, and hopefully in time those affected will all realize that he has nothing to do with the LÈON scam and can turn their ire and energies in the right direction.